Performing Arts DTS

Jesus taking centre stage

Training Overview

Gain greater understanding of who God is and learn to use performing arts to bring life to the nations


Start date: 12 January, 2020
End date: 27 June, 2020.


Lecture Phase: $3,580AUD + Outreach Phase: $3000-5000AUD + Resource Fee: $50 Depending on location

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Certificate III in Discipleship (10473NAT)

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There are no prerequisites to join this DTS, but some experience and understanding of performing arts would be helpful.

The Lecture Phase

A time of growing in intimacy with God and being supplied with the right tools through the teachings and experiences from men and women of God

The Performing Arts Discipleship Training School starts off with a three-month lecture phase with different speakers, both local and international, teaching each week. The topics covered will help you grow in your relationship with God, as well as give you a better understanding of how to use your love of performing art to express and share the value of life through fresh and relevant ways in today's ever-changing society.

You'll not only learn in class times, but also during weekly evangelism, corporate worship and prayer times, small groups, and one-on-one sessions to discuss the teachings.

What you'll experience during the lecture phase.

Applying Truth

At the end of a teaching session, especially where people are moved and touched by the content, we like to give time and space for individuals to process and respond. This could be anything from a creative writing assignment, to group discussion, or even a physical act of movement to show how one feels about what they have just learned.

Small Groups

At the start of the school, you'll be put into smaller groups to get to know each other on a more personal level; you could end up at the beach, a cosy café, or have a picnic in the park! This time is a great way to discuss lecture topics more in depth, as well as hear testimonies from individuals about what God is doing during the lecture phase, or just to share community with each other!


As a part of the school, there will be different creative pieces coming together to build a production. This could include a drama or skit, musical performance or dance. Having said that, you can expect the following three things: practice, practice, practice!

Topics & Speakers

Over 12 weeks, different guest speakers teach on these topics. You're in for a lot more than just "head knowledge!"

Week 1.

Hearing God's Voice

Learn more

Week 2.

Nature and Character of God

Learn more

Week 3.

Repentance and Forgiveness

Learn more

Week 4.

Intercession and Worship

Learn more

Week 5.

Fear of the Lord

Learn more

Week 6.


Learn more

Week 7.

Performing Arts workshop

Learn more

Week 8.

Father Heart of God

Learn more

Week 9.

Lordship/Submission and Authority

Learn more

Week 10.


Learn more

Week 11.


Learn more

Week 12.

Living in Spiritual Authority

Learn more

Outreach Phase

Our primary goal is making Jesus known

During lecture phase, you got to know God more, and now it's time to tell others about Him! We'll do this in many ways, including performing arts, whether it be through visiting churches or schools in cities, or even remote villages. We hope to serve by any means available and through our dances, music, and dramas.

Mission experiences during the outreach phase.

Using Performing Arts to Share Your Faith

Through dances, music, dramas, we will share the gospel wherever there's an opening - be it outside on the streets or inside a school or a church.

Personal Testimonies and Preaching

You will get to share how God has changed your life and have opportunities to share the hope you've found in Him.

On the Move

Your ability to pack light and be adventurous comes in handy! It's possible you could spend 10 weeks in 4 different locations in at least 2 different nations, or even more! Be ready to give your all!

Meet the Staff

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