The ministries of YWAM Perth pulse with God's heart for the nations. At the end of His time on earth, Jesus told his disciples, "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." Acts 1:8

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This statement is foundational for our approach to mission and strategy. No matter if it's reaching youth or extending compassion, our aim is that each ministry would engage locally and regionally - Perth our "Jerusalem", Western Australia our "Judea", the nations surrounding the Indian Ocean our "Samaria" and beyond.

Some ministries serve our call to the nations by providing vital strength and structure to our missions community - stewarding our resources and ensuring we can effectively do what He's calling us to.

As long as there are people and communities who have not yet encountered Jesus or experienced His restoration, we will continue to innovate, seeking Him for new ways of serving and reaching.

We welcome you to serve in missions through YWAM Perth, whether it's for two weeks, a year or a career. There is a place for you!

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Appropriate Technology

Simple, affordable, multipliable innovation for transformation

Australian Relief and Mercy Services

Assisting families through times of crisis by providing practical help and mobilising others to do the same

Backbone Ministries

Vital strength and structure for our missions community to effectively reach the nations

Christian Education

Dedicated to seeing God-centred education offered throughout the world

Create International

Producing media resources so that every nation will hear the gospel in a way that they can understand

Cygnet Films

Filmmakers communicating the Kingdom of God and encouraging people toward relationship with their Creator

English Ministry

Serving together to evangelise, disciple, equip and mobilise through English training


Discipling nations in the ways of God and ending Bible poverty among Bibleless, unengaged peoples


Committed to mobilising and equipping believers to plant and reach among the least reached

Healthcare Ministry

Bringing God’s healing wherever it is needed

Homes of Hope

Homes for those in need, built to bring dignity to the poor and marginalised

Humility & Hunger

Calling the nations to intimate worship and radical obedience

Island Breeze

Creative cultural expression used for God’s glory

Nexwave Youth Ministry

Young people captivated by the truth of God and released into their purpose

Opportunities for Outreach and Mission Building

Short-term opportunities to serve in Perth with or without a previous DTS


Dedicated to showing God's heart to refugees in practical ways and inspiring others to do the same

Perth Pregnancy Support

Supporting women through pregnancy, birth and early parenting

Precinct Engagement

“Love the Lord your God…Love your neighbour as yourself.” Matthew 12:30,31


Bringing Kingdom influence to the sphere of arts and entertainment


Championing Aboriginal youth

South Sudan Ministry

To see South Sudanese thrive and released to live out the call of God as a nation and individuals

Sports Ministry

Using sport to impact communities and individuals with the gospel

Worship for the Nations

Strategic worship and intercession opening doors for the Kingdom of God to be established in every corner of the earth

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Please get in touch with us if you have any further questions, or would like to have more information. Our staff will respond to you soon.