Medical Boomerang

Medical professionals used in missions to share Gods love


Bringing physical and spiritual healing through short-term medical missions


Medical professionals going out and coming back, producing a deeper passion for the poor and needy, bringing lasting change in the lives of those in need.

Take part in a medical missions experience and you will gain confidence as you adapt to a less resourced environment, compelling you to grow in dependence of the Holy Spirit. Develop a deeper love for the poor and needy, share the Gospel, teach and train others, offer your expertise and be confronted with the huge needs of the world around us. Trust God and be effective for Him.

Many health care workers in health depleted areas lack education and training, they work in crisis situations with little medical advise, and technology. You will be able to teach and work in variable health settings, learning to improvise through the lack of technology. Your dependency on God will grow as you function as a medical person led by the Holy Spirit.

What we do

A brief orientation in Perth, and sent out to a needy area within the Indian Ocean Gateway.

A short orientation

Orientation is in Perth for two days, looking at how you can serve the location, getting tips on going cross-cultural, how to be a medical missionary, using your skill, pharmacy for less resourced areas. Gods ways in healing, and team dynamics.

Costs: as per Perth location and outreach location


Medical Boomerang runs 3-4 times a year from YWAM Perth. You may be involved in either a rural or city settings, in a hospital or mobile clinic under a coconut tree! Whatever the environment, medical trips are varied, and will open up doors whereby you can share the love of God and see how He would perform miracles of healing.

Costs ::
Outreach costs vary according to the location. Approximately $3-4,000 AUD

Set up

Your outreach will be set up by experienced leaders who have been in contact with your host onsite. All accommodation, food and transport is arranged and suitable to meet your needs, and included in the overall budget. Please contact [email protected] for further details.

Sharing your expertise

Most of the world understands orally, many cannot read or write. In clinics, in churches, in hospitals you will have the opportunity to train others. Our audience may be skilled and non-skilled, the need is great and what we know today can help others, and in most cases help them live a healthy and long life.

Praying for the sick and sharing the Gospel

Prayer is foundational to all that we do. Without prayer, nothing can be accomplished. Every person who comes to our clinic receives prayer. Someone sitting alone and sick in hospital needs our prayer, and the hope of the Gospel. We see God perform miracles and people are healed through the power of prayer! We trust that many come to know Gods loves and salvation.

Skills sharing

As mentioned teams are made up of a variety of health professionals, doctors, specialists, nurses, midwives, physiotherapists, dentists, occupational therapist, pharmacists, primary health care workers etc. We all learn from one another and bring support through our skill, gaining confidence in the team.


Teaching, using medical skills and sharing the gospel

The Medical Boomerang orientation and outreach runs 3 -4 times a year. Teams start with orientation for 2 days in Perth and then go out for 3 weeks. If you wish to join the team on location you may.
Coming up in 2018
Two days orientation -10 - 11 November 2018
11 - 23 November 2018 Buldhana, India

2019 We will have 4 trips
January - Lombok, Indonesia
April - Botswana
July - Kimberley, Western Australia
Oct - Nagaland, India

Jan- Zimbabwe
July-Kimberley, Australia,

July-Kimberley, Australia
Oct-Nagaland, India

Meet the Staff



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