Children at Risk School

Train, empower, and mobilise workers to effectively impact children

Training Overview

A foundation to disciple and empower the current and future generations


Start date: 7 April, 2019
End date: 21 September, 2019.


Lecture: $3960
+ Outreach

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This course is not currently recognised within the Australian Qualifications Framework.

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A successfully completed Discipleship Training School.

The Lecture Phase

God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called. Be trained and inspired by experts in their field.

Children are the most vulnerable group in any society. The focus of the Children at Risk School is on those who have been placed at risk due to factors such as war, disease, poverty, exploitation, abandonment, disability, and other forms of injustice. You will receive an overview of the needs of these children at risk.

Specific instruction is provided on issues relating to them such as HIV and AIDS, counselling, evangelism, God's nature and character as mother and father, and other such topics allowing us to be advocates and see lasting change and true transformation in these children's lives.

What you'll experience during the lecture phase.

Practical Community Service

We are blessed to be a blessing! The CRS includes an allocated time each week to serve our local community, families, and children. This, in turn, empowers true transformation. Each week builds on the last as we see growing change in their circumstances.

Small Groups

We regularly set aside time for reflection, motivation, unity building and encouragement. As we each share our unique insights from the week's training we can learn together and apply the content to our lives.

Topical Research Project

A research project provides you with the opportunity to delve into issues of interest and areas of great need. For instance, what is happening with child soldiers? What does God say about abortion? Where is HIV/AIDS affecting communities at large? What is my role and who can I stand with? You search. You see. You respond.

Topics & Speakers

Gain understanding and new insight as you learn specific information across a broad range of key topics

Week 1.

Orientation & God's heart for Children at Risk

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Week 2.

Overview of Children at Risk

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Week 3.

Nature and Character of God

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Week 4.

Spiritual Authority

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Week 5.

Child Development

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Week 6.

Family versus Institution

Learn more

Week 7.

Creative Methods for Processing with Children

Learn more

Week 8.

Destiny by Design

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Week 9.


Learn more

Week 10.

Practical Skills

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Week 11.

Discipling a Generation

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Week 12.

Community Development

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Outreach Phase

To the world you might be one person, but to one child you might be the world. A time to impact children.

This practical phase allows students to implement their new-found skills in relevant field settings. Coaching continues as you gain input from school staff and long-term workers in areas such as assessment, intervention, counselling, teaching and evangelistic programs.

Mission experiences during the outreach phase.

Create and Implement Community Programs

Healthcare, a biblical worldview and a value for life, alongside the gospel are all shared as we reach children, families and their communities through seminars, after-school programs, and community events.

Empower the Local Church

It is important to pass knowledge and understanding on. The local church is often hungry to know how to impart God's heart and love to the next generation. We can collaborate with and empower them.

Teach Children to Hear God's Voice

Children are able to hear God's voice. Teaching them that they can, and how to do so, allows them to continue to grow their personal relationship with their Creator into the future.

Meet the Staff

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