Teaching in a Slum in Hyderabad

We were full of expectancy and anticipation as we entered a slum area in Hyderabad. A local pastor invited us to come and do a healthcare teaching and he would translate for us. Many women and children gathered and attentively listened to our message about clean water, followed by a gospel presentation. In the slums in India so much disease and sickness is spread through dirty water and dirty hygiene, so to be able to share knowledge that would save and empower this community was huge and such a privilege.

One girl, about 12 years old, was standing in front of me as we prayed together at the end. A Hindu mark on her forehead stared at me, but she squeezed her eyes so tightly and gripped her hands together as she said yes to Jesus. I believe she will be a nation changer, and so will the eight others who gave their lives to Jesus that day. God is in Hyderabad!

God is in Hyderabad!

(A story from Sally Moylan a student on the Birth Attendant School)