Relying on God for This Day


Daniel Colin did the Crossroads DTS, age 51, France

Coming back from outreach, I realized that I could jump in God’s work by relying on Him for today, receive from Him new strategies and not rely on my knowledge or experience. I could share the gospel in a few sentences, lead someone to Christ, pray for healing, teach to people of a different culture, use skits, drawings or anything to communicate God’s truth and feel joy when I see the people receiving the gospel. When there was a cross-cultural misunderstanding with a person, God showed me how to give up my right, to be right and how to connect with the person and pray for them anyway. God changed people’s attitude just by prayer, when I choose to forgive, bless and love the person.

I come from a culture where it is considered as inappropriate to share the gospel and bring someone to salvation and then I realize that my culture is based on lies that keep people in bondage. The first person to be set free is me because I want to share the gospel. I could also seize the truth that God uses imperfect people to share His perfect truth and that the grace of God is sufficient for me.