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Prayer Heals Three in Cambodia

We met two women in Cambodia who could barely move, they were in so much pain. They told us it was in their arms and legs, so we offered to pray for them, and after we prayed they said the pain was totally gone!

“they said the pain was totally gone”

Later a man came up to us at the local market and asked for prayer for his arms. His right side was significantly smaller than his left, and he didn’t even have enough strength in his left arm to open and close his hand. So we prayed, and prayed again, and after praying for it three times and he was clearly able to open and close his hand perfectly! So then he asked us to pray for his knee. We laid our hands on his knee and by the power of prayer and the mercy of God he was completely healed and he gained full range of motion. God is so good!


-Kassidy did the October Sports DTS in 2012, and went to Thailand and Cambodia on outreach