Out Into the Nations

The Young Peoples DTS recently returned from this last 3 month outreach. We took teams into Nepal, Malaysia, India and Mongolia where we took Jesus into whichever nooks He would lead us into. Whether it be hiking hours just to reach the next village to speak to people about Jesus, smiling at your neighbour who sits daily on a street vendor in India, preaching the gospel to a slum that has never heard of Jesus before or proclaiming your love for Jesus through simply valuing the person in front of you. We saw people know Jesus in ways we haven’t yet seen before.

On one team alone the YPDTS was able to witness first hand 54 healings in the course of those 3 months. Numbers never guarantee the same results but they proclaim the glory of a King who not only heals our hearts but heals our physical wounds as well. He’s the God of the miraculous who wants to shape, transform and multiply our lives in ways we could never dream or imagine.


Do you know this God?

A testimony from the tea fields of Ilam, East Nepal:

Sitting and having a one-on-one conversation, a family approached us asking that we (another student and I) would come to their house and pray. It turned out that there were 5 people waiting to have prayer for healing as the son of the family had been healed from pain in his side just the day before. One by one we prayed and Jesus healed every one of them! From a little girls tooth ache to an old mans limbs… he ended up walking away with his walking stick hooked on to the back of his coat, Nepali dancing with the biggest smile on his face. God is good!

– Lydia Orrell (England)