An Inspiring First Week

Story written by a past Orientation to Medical Missions student:

It was really great to come together with the rest of my class for the first time this week. I am from Perth, Australia and I am so glad I can make the time to join the Orientation to Medical Missions course.

I have  found the campus and my class to be very inspiring. We are all different people with different backgrounds but we have decided to listen to God and make ourselves available.  It is infectious.

I have had moments, as we look at the needs, of feeling ill equipped. Then I realized it is not about me but about God in me.  He will do what needs to be done through me.

I was struck by the story of the rich young ruler. Jesus looks at him with love and says “give all you have to the poor and follow me.” I realized that I may not feel rich but compared to poor countries I have a lot so  I am in that position. Now is my opportunity to give.