The Impact of Photography

One of our staff, John, worked for months scanning and editing many of our old slide photographs that Create International has taken over the years – to make these older but still relevant photos the best they can be.

John has a passion for photography and loves the way it documents people and places, and even the way it can impact and change lives. Read his reflections on this process below:

What I have observed through this process is that the photos communicate the love that God has for His people. He has created each person in a unique and beautiful way and for a specific purpose. God wants them to know their purpose and this begins by knowing their Creator.



This photo of a Burmese woman begging, is powerful. She obviously is not well fed, her child has a rash on her head. Her plastic bag of money contains 10 and 20 Kyat notes, each valued at 1 or 2 cents each. Her bruised neck and downward cast eyes hint at the hope she has lost and perhaps the abuse she suffers. Her sadness is evident.


This man from India is from the Awadhi people. His clothing is dirty and well worn. His eyes are amazing and the stare seems to pierce you across time and space. In other photos, I have seen that this man is a snake charmer. I find myself asking, “where is he today spiritually? Has someone told him about Jesus and the freedom that comes from knowing the Savior?”

Photos like this can spur people to take action against poverty, injustice and to spread the good news of the Kingdom. They can create in us a desire to travel, to engage with other cultures and to learn more about other nations.