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Healing The Congo’s National Wounds

The DRC suffers from malaria in the form of corruption, injustice, ongoing civil war, disease, hunger, poverty and unnecessary sufferings.  The ministry of Biblical Education & Leadership Training (BELT) has acted as the medicine against this “malaria.”

Since 2008, BELT has been strategically working with local Congolese churches and Wycliffe to bring relevant and strategic bible training to 11 regions in the eastern DRC.  Since then complete seminars have been finished in two regions with two more regions presently ready to receive these seminars.  This is the story of one city impacted and reconciled by the transforming power of God through these seminars as seen and experienced by one Congolese YWAM staff member.

The BELT outreach in Isiro was a time of experiencing literal transformation from God’s power.

Isiro is, like most of the DRC, isolated.  In this community church denominations worked in isolation from one another resulting in conflict among church leaders.  Harmony was as sparse as solid roads and cell phone coverage.  Separation here is bigger than ideology – it is tribal, political, financial, relational, denominational, personal and deep.  Through the course of the BELT seminar we began to experience the walls of separation falling down as the Holy Spirit began a deep and personal work within individuals.  The daily teachings allowed enough time for each seminar participant, mainly pastors and church leaders, to examine their own hearts, motives, attitudes and weaknesses.  These times of self-reflection carried over into small group discussions were they were able to share with one another in an open way that was not seen before.  Leaders and members of different denominations, some who had not spoken to each other in a very long time, began to encourage, pray for and bless one another.  This deep reconciliation opened up the opportunity for these men and women to then impact the community around them.

After two weeks of teaching, the participants poured into the city, working together as one team, to share the good news by telling bible stories.  They streamed into the market places, hospitals, barracks, homes and public places.  The residents of Isiro were astonished to see such great unity among church leaders as this has never happened in Isiro before.  During this event, some people working in their business heard the stories and teaching by the BELT Seminar participants.  Encouraged and challenged by what they heard, they asked the seminar participants to continue coming back each week to share with them God’s ways for business and government!

On the following Sunday, the walls of separation that had fallen down between individual church leaders began to impact their churches.  Pastors of went and spoke in churches of different denominations.   They began to bring teaching that was medicine for healing in the DRC.  The DRC suffers from malaria in the form of corruption, injustice, ongoing civil war, disease, hunger, poverty and unnecessary sufferings.  BELT has acted as the medicine against this “malaria.” Reaching the church and community leaders in the DRC is the beginning of country transformation.