Christian Life & Discipleship

God Loves

Psalm 103:5a
“God satisfies all my desires with good things…”

Isn’t it amazing how much God loves us? He loves each of us and all to the same degree — unconditionally. I am a part of the Medical Discipleship Training School and all throughout lecture phase, I have experienced and witnessed His unfailing love in my life and in the life of my classmates.

Growing up, I had been taught that God loves me and wants the best for me. I knew in my head that God is a good God who loves His children and whatever He asked would be for His children’s benefit and His glory, but when it came to applying this concept to every area of my life, I struggled. It was easy to obey God when I had control over the situation because when it came down to it, I was relying on myself instead of God. I was not trusting that God loved me enough to follow out what He had told me.

The ultimate act of love was already displayed with Christ’s sacrifice for all, but God does not stop showing His love there. Psalm 103:5a states, “God satisfies all my desires with good things.” He has the ability to do this because His love for me far surpasses the love I have for myself. Throughout Lecture Phase I have been challenged to rely on the truth that God truly loves me and that because of this anything He asks me to do or give up will be for my better.

There are many testimonies of this love being displayed in the lives of my classmates and I, but a recurring *event* that happened was that God displayed His love for us by speaking to us individually; and not just about ourselves, but He spoke to us about others. Throughout all of lecture phase, classmates had gotten words of encouragement and love told by God for another individual in the class. But when someone got a word from God, they did not just receive it and keep it to themselves — the individual was obedient to sharing this word with the individual it was intended for.

Many fears come with this action because there are many unknowns: will this word really relate to this person, how will the person react, will this word really be beneficial? Even with all these doubts, whenever we were obedient to what God wanted us to say or do for an individual, it blessed both the giver and receiver. Obedience to God is never a mistake because everything He asks of you is done with the motive of love. It is truly amazing how God loves so much that He speaks the name of one individual to another individual. God talks about you to someone else. That is how much He loves you.

God loves. A basic and simple statement, but a statement that has such great effect when applied to every area in your life.