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Door to Door

We did door to door evangelism in the area around our church in our borough the other day. Clara and me knocked on several doors and one guy named Mikey opened the door and invited us straight in his flat. He quickly found out that he is an alcoholic and experienced a lot of sad stuff in his life. His flat was a real mess and it smelled besides alcohol like poo and pee. We talked to him for about an hour and I offered him to come back the next day to clean his flat and help him to think about his life and what to change. So we cleaned his flat for three days but it’s still a work in progress. I prayed for him every day and spoke Jesus’ name over his life. I tried to evangelise and reach him with words but he just got angry cause alcohol intoxicates his whole mind. So I found out through just doing mercy ministry and praying for him God changes people and he came to the church service on Sunday. Also local church members heard about this story and asked me to show them this guy to care for him long term. God works through his ways, even if we just clean or help people! Please pray for this guy! He needs it!!! Thanks a lot and greets to Perth! — Samuel Proske FLDTS