Christian Life & Discipleship

Created to be Unique

{ My name is Nava and I did the April Young Peoples Discipleship Training School in 2014 at the Perth base in Australia. I was born and raised in Israel. And this is a story of my time on my DTS. }

I have always asked myself this question: what is my purpose, what am I alive for?

When I first got here to Perth Australia for the April Young Peoples DTS, to be completely honest, I just wanted to leave. I wanted so badly to change but I was so scared of who I would become. At one small group I remember myself saying: “I am so scared of changing, but I am even more afraid of staying the same.’’ I grew up in Israel in a Christian family and always knew truth. I knew right from wrong but my motivation to doing either was out of a misconception of God. My confidence and desire to constantly please others was draining. God created me to be different, unique and what was I trying to do? Be like everyone else.

God created me to be different, unique and what was I trying to do? Be like everyone else.

My role models were Victoria secret models. I thought that was the limit, if I could get there I would be happy and complete. I didn’t know anything about their personalities or their lifestyle but on the outside it looked like they had it all figured out. What you strive to be is eventually what you will become and that is exactly what happened to me. I started to act and behave like everything was so brilliant on the outside, while on the inside I was falling apart. I remember most nights coming home at 5 am from a party and going to sleep with tears in my eyes. I was empty inside, I was exhausted. The best part of this whole story though, with mine and God’s love story, is that even in that miserable time, God was passionately crazy about me!

My whole DTS God was showing me how all He has ever done my whole life is stand with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and wait for me to say yes to go on a date with Him. I said yes on my DTS and it’s been an adventure ever since. He teaches me to be unique and exotic, I wasn’t meant to be like everyone else, I was created for a purpose! For the first time in my life now, I feel like I am becoming the woman I was born to be, the woman God created me to be. That void in my heart that was broken is now being put together and renewed.