Accepting Myself

A testimony from Laura (USA) who did the YPDTS back in 2012…

I did not realize that God would change my life..

“Throughout my entire life I have always struggled with “being enough”. Being satisfied with my body, my choices, my thoughts and my actions has always been a struggle. Loving myself and accepting who I was/am never seemed possible. I decided to do a Discipleship Training School (DTS) in Perth because it looked like fun, and I knew I would make long lasting relationships. However, I did not realize that God would change my life, and myself through DTS. During Fatherheart of God week Pete Brownhill spoke, but it wasn’t Pete that was speaking to me that week, it was God. He showed me myself in the way that He sees me. For the first time I realized that it doesn’t matter how hard I try to fit in and look the part because God’s love isn’t conditional, it is unconditional.”