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I Was Expecting God To Transform Me

I am Megan. I’m 19, from Northern Ireland and I am doing the Young People’s Disciplineship Training School. (YPDTS)
So far on Discipleship Training School I’ve had an incredible amount of revelation about the character of God and my identity as His daughter. I’ve learnt that even though God is so unfathomable, we have the privilege of continuous access to the Father and hearing His voice. I have also learnt that God is relational and wants a personal, close relationship with me. I can sometimes have a tainted view of Him because I see him through my circumstances instead of allowing Him to change my perspective and see situations the way He sees them. However even though this was something that was holding me back in my relationship I now know the truth of who He is. He never changes and is ever present.

Something else I have learnt is that God is emotional and our choices actually affect His heart; He rejoices in our joy and grieves with us when we feel pain. I am amazed that the Creator of the universe wants to live life with me, a 5ft6 girl from Northern Ireland, and longs to show His love, goodness and power in all of its fullness. As we learnt in week 3, during the topic of repentance and forgiveness , God in His redeeming nature commands us to repent of all our sins and to forgive others as He has forgiven us. He does this so that nothing can hinder our relationship with Him. I can now say that I have encountered God’s freedom by placing my broken and sin filled heart at the foot of the cross. I truly have given God my heart and life. Which allows Him to place desires in my heart and I now have a burden to see God glorified in all the nations. I also have confidence knowing He hears all my prayers including the prayers that are seemingly weak or that come from a place of weakness. God is so much greater and merciful than I ever imagined! In fact I think a major revelation I have had is that in my weakness He is so strong.

I am extremely expectant for what’s to come these next weeks until we leave for outreach in Nepal. Not just in my own pursuit of the Father, but also seeing how God will move in and through all of The YPDTS students and the entire YWAM Perth family.

Before DTS I was expecting God to transform me, and He definitely has. However I now know it’s all about Him, not about me being transformed, and I just want to get to know Him more because our Lord is so worthy and wonderful!