Response to Article - YWAM Perth Australia

Response to Sunday Times Article - July 11, 2021

For over thirty years, YWAM Perth has had the privilege of being welcomed into public and Christian schools, both locally and internationally.

We partner with these schools through the invitation of the school chaplain, teachers or principal.

Some of the activities that we have been involved in, historically or currently, include helping with school-initiated breakfast programs, mentorship, values-based seminars, homework assistance programs, and running lunch or after-school prayer sessions for those who wish to pray with us.

Regardless of the nature of the school, i.e. Christian or otherwise, that we are invited to partner with, we always respect and abide by the guidelines and requirements set by the leadership of the school concerned.

We understand that not all of those whom we work with hold the same biblical views or traditional values as we do.

We respect the right of every individual to form and hold that person’s own opinion.

That is the reason why, when working within schools, we choose to demonstrate our faith, and undertake our Christian mission, through our care, love, and kindness for each and every individual that we interact with.

We are deeply grateful for, and encouraged by, the consistently positive feedback that we have received, and continue to receive, from these partnerships.

Management Committee

Youth with a Mission (Perth) Inc

11 July, 2021



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