YWAM Mobile Health and Youth Service

Impacting rural and remote communities thru health care, youth, sport and celebration


Caring for Indigenous communities in the outback areas of Northwestern Australia, promoting health and championing youth


Strengthening Aboriginal families in the Kimberley through delivering health services. Youth, sports and celebration

The Kimberley is located 2000 kms North of Perth, Western Australia. It is known for its rugged mountains, dramatic gorges, outback desert and isolated coastal sections. Vast stretches of limestone formations, crocodiles and Boab trees fill the rich soil of this land. This region covers an area of 423,517 km2. Remote and isolated communities live with very little access to health facilities and are confined by rough roads.

YWAM Perth has been invited to provide a health and youth service truck which reaches these "off road" communities. An important emphasis of this service is health education and youth. Consistency of care provides strength to families and encourages a healthy lifestyle. We aim to prevent chronic disease.

What we do

Provide a consistent health and youth service to rural and remote areas of the Kimberley

Mobile to Rural and Remote

Many communities are "off road" and live at a distance of 150+ kms from the nearest health post or town. YWAM's 4x4 truck will travel to smaller and larger communities providing a health service that will help prevent problems occurring. An emphasis of the work will be health education, coming alongside families to see a decrease in chronic disease.

Health Services

Distance and remoteness are major problems in seeing health strengthened amongst the aboriginal people. We will partner with existing health services offering to be a link with health assessments whilst focusing on health education.

Health Education

Appropriate simple health messages designed for oral learners - using pictures, stories and demonstrations to aid in prevention. Health messages will be taught on chronic disease, family, sexual and mental health. Our research has showed that Aboriginal Health has not improved over the last 20 years. We believe health promotion is the answer to chronic illness and lasting change.

Youth, Sport and Celebration

North West Australia has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. Issues of isolation, over crowding, substance abuse and depression are major contributors. YWAM teams will come alongside youth, helping with emotional needs, giving reasons to live, encouraging youth with their talents and building self worth.

Mobilising Professionals

YWAM Perth has a resource of health professionals that are willing to fly in, give their expertise and time to come alongside with the on site teams. Since 1994 we have given medical professionals an opportunity to work in developing countries, these same volunteers will use their time to help with ongoing projects in communities.

Camping and Program

Teams will camp at local campsites nearest to communities and travel back and forth daily to remote areas. Together with the truck, another 4x4 vehicle will provide transport for teams. Once on location tents and shade cloths will be erected to provide areas for people to gather, enabling a meeting outside where "health talks" and discussion can take place.


We value the invitation from the elders of the Kimberley, and are excited to be able to extend this invitation to you!

Giving: All our YWAM staff are unsalaried and supported by interested peoples. Funds for communication medical supplies, administration, airfares, promotional materials have been raised by our own effort. We would like to request that you believe in us and consider donating to YWAM's Truck, as we play a vital role in the Kimberley. Click here to Donate

Volunteer: Join us for 3 weeks
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YWAM Staff: Long term
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Experience the difference that comes through generosity and commitment to helping create a better future for our people.

Meet the Staff

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