South Sudan Ministry

To see South Sudanese thrive and released to live out the call of Jesus as a nation and individuals


To see the South Sudanese THRIVE wherever they are, and to see them released into their calls, becoming a discipled church that lives out the call of Jesus that is on them as individuals and as a nation


To see South Sudanese thrive and released to live out the call of Jesus as a nation and individuals

We are called to work with the South Sudanese, wherever they may be. While South Sudan itself is still at war and can be dangerous, the city of Perth has many South Sudanese refugees and we believe God has a heart for those displaced. We are engaging in any and every way to reach South Sudanese to see them discipled and thriving in God's ways in Perth, but also in other African nations where the South Sudanese are seeking refuge.

What we do

Reaching the South Sudanese, wherever they are


Isaiah 62 is one of the key Scriptures for us as a ministry. This chapter discusses the restoration of the nation of Israel, and verse six says that God has "posted watchman on your walls; they will pray day and night continually" for Israel. We feel God has given us this Scripture, both to lead us in hope for South Sudan, but also that we have been assigned as watchman on the walls to intercede continually for South Sudan.


As a ministry, we weekly do tutoring with around 40-50 primary school students, as well as tutoring one high school student. We desire to see growth and development in the area of education for South Sudan.

Africa DTS

We not only want to disciple South Sudanese or go to South Sudan ourselves, but we want to see South Sudanese youth being mobilised into missions! As a ministry, we lead and staff the Africa DTS to help mobilise Africans to go into the mission field, see South Sudanese return to South Sudan to disciple their own nation, as well as be a bridge for anyone who has a passion for missions and Africa to be connected for long-term ministry into Africa.

Short-Term Outreaches

South Sudan Ministry doesn't solely work with South Sudanese in Perth, but also in Africa itself. We take trips to Uganda, and South Sudan doing evangelism, teaching and working in refugee camps. We also want to take a team to Egypt to work in the next five years.


South Sudan Ministry has a goal to come alongside the local church, and we have had opportunities to teach in Perth, as well as on outreach in Uganda and South Sudan.

Community Events

God loves families, and He loves celebrating, so at different times God has led us to do different events for the community including, sport days, art club, and a spa day for mothers.


Be a part of God's purpose for South Sudan

We are a team of people with many skills and passions. South Sudan has need for development in every area, so whatever your passion or skill set, there is room for you on this team as we seek God on how to serve the South Sudanese.

Meet the Staff

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