Working toward the prevention, release and care of those enslaved


Working towards the abolition of human slavery locally and internationally


God is justice, therefore we seek to represent this by working toward the prevention, release and care of those enslaved- both locally and internationally, knowing God is the ONE who FULLY rescues and restores.

Human trafficking is one of the largest growing criminal industries, and is present in every nation in the world. According the Global Slavery Index, it is estimated there are 40.3 million people in slavery. We have confidence that we can see that number greatly reduced in this generation by being committed to prevention, advocacy and seeing the rescue and restoration of the individual. This commitment comes from the deep belief that every individual has great value and worth given by God, which makes them priceless.

What we do

Priceless has 5 objectives - Prevention, Advocacy, Research, Networking, and Restoration


Priceless is committed to bringing awareness and strategies to communities and individuals “at risk” of human slavery. God does not want to see "people destroyed because of a lack of knowledge"(Hosea 4:6).


Priceless has a role to stand between those who have no voice and those in position to bring change. God's desire is that societies would no longer be blind to the issues surrounding human slavery (Isaiah 42.7).

Research and Investigation

Priceless is dedicated to gaining understanding and knowledge about the issues surrounding human slavery. We use many tools, including our vast network of relationship and experience as a Mission. We believe God wants us to use this knowledge to see transformation and change.


Priceless recognizes the good work being done in any given community and is committed to working with projects and initiatives to help those enslaved.


Priceless walks alongside those exiting a life of slavery and/or prostitution, using counselling, practical care and training as needed. God desires that people would find freedom, restoration and His design for their lives.


Part of our heart is to equip others to do what we do; this is a page filled with resources and information sources for YOU! It is a place to find current information about human trafficking, but also practical resources on how you and a team of people can minister into this area of need. Click Prevention and Outreach Resources to take a look!


As Priceless we are involved in international and local outreaches focused on human trafficking and prostitution.


- Intercessory prayer & worship
- Ministry to street kids and youth
- Outreach to women in red light districts
- Raising awareness to people groups that are at risk of exploitation
- Reaching out to people in refugee camps


- Western Australia regional outreaches
- Local outreach to women in prostitution
- Teaching and training
- Advocacy
- Intercession Prayer
- Networking with other local organisations
- Media projects

Meet the Staff

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