A catalyst toward transformation


Serving in partnership with local believers in large cities, seeking to equip them to see the Kingdom of God come to their city in greater ways


Megacities’ purpose is for cities to see God, respond to His loving kindness, and be restored back to God’s original purpose—to honour God in all they do.

Today, more than 50% of people in the world live in cities. Cities are centres of media, government, education, business, celebration and much more. Cities are the most strategic targets to see their nations change.

Focusing on one city at a time, over twelve months, Megacities draws together the diverse gifts of the international community to partner with local communities to help with city change. People come from around the world to work in partnership with those already on the ground serving their communities.

What we do

Megacities functions in multiple layers, all geared towards building spiritual momentum over a year of focus.

Short-term Teams

We invite international, multi-disciplined teams to come and partner city wide with local leaders. They come in “waves” which are three month cycles; working to continue the movement that began through previous Megacities teams. Teams go out and share the love of Jesus in every region of the city through all kinds of evangelism, intercession, mercy ministries and training. In past cities, over 1000 missionaries have come on short-term Megacities teams.


There are often two approaches to reaching cities. The first approach is prayer, where believers are praying for God to come to their city. The second is when we go into communities and partner with God as He brings about change over time. The first calls us to pray and wait for God to come. The second calls us to plan and go with God to do His will. Megacities seeks to do both at the same time—pray and go.

Strategic Focus

Each city and each community is unique. As God highlights key areas of need and opportunity, Megacities draws on an extensive network of relationships and experience to engage the city in specific areas of greater need.


We aim to partner with local churches and ministries every step of the way. Churches and ministries can be involved in many ways: working alongside teams, helping to organise seminars with visiting specialists, translating, hosting teams, attending conferences, and more. Teams will actively seek to include local Christians in their times of outward ministry, with the aim to see those local Christians excited, energized and equipped to reach out themselves to their city.

Mobilisation Conferences

Megacities plans to run two conferences, the Global Youth Outreach and the Let’s Go Missions Conference. Each conference seeks to ignite local youth and the Body of Christ to reach their city. The Global Youth Outreach inspires youth to follow God wholeheartedly and take the gospel to their streets. The Let’s Go Missions Conference challenges participants to recognize that all nations have a role in completing the Great Commission.

Seminar Speakers

Resource specialists, both local and international, come to equip local believers in areas of ministry focus. With the help of local leaders who can promote and host, interactive seminars are held in various locations throughout the city. All spheres of society are included with diverse training in areas such as: education, art, and evangelism, God’s character, using technology for the Kingdom of God, being a witness in the workplace, how to study the Bible, youth leadership and more.


Send a Team to Manila January - December 2017

Teams can arrive from January 2017 and be a part of our focus on Manila in the Phillipines throughout the year. We are excited to get this focus underway and invite you to consider bringing a team to be a part of our Megacities in Manila.
Watch this video and join us to make a difference in the city!

To register your team or register your interest get in touch with our office at [email protected] Visit Our Site

You can also join the Megacities team in Perth, Western Australia. Our office provides the backbone for our Megacities focus. With openings in multi-media, administration, communications and more we are happy to welcome you to aboard - we need lots more people!


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