Discipling nations in the ways of God and ending Bible poverty among Bibleless, unengaged peoples


To launch disciple-making movements among the unreached, into every sphere, through Bible translation and engagement strategies

everytongue aims to see every language group in the Indian Ocean Gateway; 78 countries from East Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, South East Asia and Western Australia, receive oral translations of Scripture in their heart language. Of particular focus are the 930 language groups identified in these regions who have no access to the Word of God in their mother tongue. As translations are available, we seek to actively launch disciple-making movements, church planting in small groups; through Bible distribution, facilitating discovery Bible studies, literacy and other engagement strategies that would impact every sphere of society. As a hub for ending Bible poverty we also seek to resource and partner with other locations, as well as advocate for adoption of specific language groups.

What we do

Transformation and ending Bible poverty through Frontier Prayer Teams, Bible Translation and Storytelling, Publication, Uniskript, Distribution Evangelism and Bible Engagement

Frontier Prayer Scouts

Teams are sent to specific areas to locate unreached people groups, research their cultural and felt needs, conduct sociolinguistic surveys, and build relationship with locals. A key role of these teams is to engage in prayer and spiritual mapping. It is also to find persons of peace in the area and begin locating mother tongue translators.

Bible translation and Storytelling

We want to use oral-to-oral translation to make Scripture accessible to Bibleless peoples among the unreached and unengaged. We also hope to produce recordings of the Jesus Film in new languages. Translation teams have a role in training others to multiply workers for the ending of Bible poverty.


We work to provide a variety of digital publications with the oral translation of Scripture: illustrations, tracts, animations, films, stories and audio Bible recordings.

Uniskript "A new alphabet uniquely created for every language"

"UniSkript is a way of teaching literacy using a “phonic” symbol system (like an alphabet) that clearly represents the way all human beings use their mouths to speak, and it is easy to learn." People trained in Uniskript become almost literate after only 3 hours of learning their Uniskript alphabet. We aim to train people of various language groups their Uniskript alphabet so they become literate as well as create a written form of Scripture for illiterate and oral peoples using Uniskript.

Distribution Evangelism

We will distribute digital publications of Scripture through microSD cards with evangelism in communities. The Jesus Film and Faith Comes By Hearing App, as well as other digital media, will be used for distribution. Strategies are being developed for various focus teams and locations.

Bible Engagement

We aim to strategically engage language groups with the Word of God. Our goal is for them to learn to live and apply the Word in every area of life. We will conduct Discovery Bible Studies and demonstration based strategies around Scripture into the 7 spheres of society (Family, Religion, Government, Economy, Education, Celebration and Communication).


Ministering to unengaged people groups, providing access to Scripture where there was none before, activating new ways for the salvation and discipleship of nations

You will get to pioneer and go to the places we are not. You will get to work with people groups who have no one working with them and introduce them to God and His ways. You will get to work on oral translations of Scripture where there was none before and in many cases, be a part of giving people their first audio recording in their language ever! You will be a part of creating something that has impact into future generations. You will get to work with people, languages, the arts, new technology to reach the unreached and be trained not only in how to do it yourself, but to train others as well. You will mobilise labourers into the harvest. You will get to raise up leaders. You will provide resources that will help others in the field. You will get to disciple nations.

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