COVID-19 Information

February 21, 2022

Western Australia’s government has announced that its borders will re-open to international and interstate arrivals on March 3, 2022. We look forward to welcoming more students for in-person training with appropriate community health measures in place. For more details about visa or arrival requirements, please contact our Registrar at [email protected]


February 8, 2022

As YWAM Perth, we maintain our strong commitment to community health and guidelines related to COVID. We continue to closely monitor developments with Western Australia’s borders, as they are currently closed to international visitors.  We look forward to welcoming international students again and are actively planning for contingencies which may arise once borders are more fully open. If you are enquiring about joining our training from outside of WA, please contact our Registrar for the most updated information [email protected] 


July 3, 2021

In light of the incrementally easing restrictions announced yesterday, we plan to re-open our offices and resume in-person gatherings on Tuesday, July 6. These will be conducted in accordance with prescribed mask wearing and social distancing requirements. 


June 28, 2021

Due to recently identified COVID-19 cases, the Perth region has entered a four-day lockdown. Our offices will be closed and our in-person gatherings suspended for the duration of these restrictions. At this stage, our July quarter training programs will commence as planned, unless further restrictions are enacted. We remain committed to prioritising the health and safety of the community and adhering to relevant guidelines. 

Please contact us at [email protected] for further information


April 26, 2021

With the Perth region’s lockdown lifting tonight, some of our in-person gatherings will recommence in line with current government guidelines. However, in view of newly implemented restrictions, we will not be holding our Friday Night Meetings until further notice. We will continue to closely observe relevant health and safety protocols.


April 23, 2021

As the Perth region has gone into a three day lockdown in response to a recently identified case of COVID-19, we have temporarily closed our offices and suspended our in-person gatherings. We are closely monitoring developments and will continue to do all we can to ensure the health and safety of the community and our staff and students.  

Please contact us at [email protected] for further information


February 8, 2021

We are grateful that no further cases of COVID-19 have been identified in WA and our five-day lockdown has now been lifted. In light of this, and with careful attention to current government guidelines, our offices have reopened and our community gatherings and onsite training have recommenced.


January 31, 2021

In response to its first case of COVID community transmission in over nine months, Perth and the surrounding region have entered a hard lockdown. As of this update, the lockdown is in place for January 31 - February 5. As YWAM Perth, we are responding promptly to this mandate. For the time being, we are closing our offices, suspending our in-person community gatherings and shifting our onsite training to online formats. As always, our priority is the safety of the community and our staff and students. We will continue to actively comply with all government guidelines. 

Please contact us at [email protected] for further information


November 4, 2020

The Premier of Western Australia has recently announced that WA’s closed border will be replaced by a controlled interstate border, allowing for the resumption of state to state travel. Very low-risk states will not require quarantine upon entrance to WA and low-risk states will require 14 days of quarantine. Barring unforeseen circumstances or new health developments, this will go into effect on November 14. We are grateful that Australia’s current low-risk COVID landscape now safely allows for this. We look forward to once again welcoming interstate students and staff.

These changes mean that Australians from other states, and, in some cases, foreigners already in Australia, can join us for our January DTS or for onsite training with our Transformation School, School of Journalism, School of Missions and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. 

Be sure to check up-to-date government regulations and be aware of other relevant considerations if you are interested in doing onsite training. Please contact us if you have any further questions [email protected] 



September 21, 2020

We are grateful that Western Australia continues to experience a high degree of openness and safety as it relates to the impacts of COVID-19. This stabilisation now allows for us to resume some of our onsite training. We are eager to do so and are currently preparing to run our January 2021 Discipleship Training School onsite. For more information see January DTS

We advise prospective students seeking to join our onsite training to research any travel exemptions or quarantine guidelines relevant to coming to Perth from their location.

As ongoing border restrictions limit who can currently participate in our onsite training, we continue to actively expand our range of online training to serve and equip those who cannot join us in person. For further details see Online Training Courses.


August 18, 2020

Western Australia continues to see a receding of COVID-19, and the State government has, over the last months, further eased restrictions on people gathering. This change of restriction now prescribes a one person per 2 sqm guideline. As YWAM Perth, we maintain our commitment to the care and safety of our community by closely adhering to all the government’s COVID measures. As noted previously, we have suspended our April and July quarter onsite training and are instead offering a growing range of online training. We are grateful to our course leaders and staff for their agile response in repositioning these training opportunities. 

For more details, see Online Training Courses

Due to ongoing border closures, however, we are not yet able to set a date for the resumption of our onsite training. We look forward to offering onsite training, including our Discipleship Training Schools, as soon relevant restrictions are lifted. 

Please contact us for further information [email protected]


June 9, 2020

As Western Australia continues to lift COVID-19 restrictions, our offices are now open again. We are carefully following government guidelines to ensure we have no more than 100 people in one shared space. Current restrictions do not yet permit us to hold our Friday Night Meetings, but we look forward to resuming them as measures are eased further.


May 26, 2020

With COVID-19 restrictions easing in Western Australia, we continue to track closely with local regulations. It is our ongoing commitment to ensure our a COVID-safe environment in all of our facilities. With appropriate social distancing, we may now meet in groups of 20. Our community engagement efforts continue to be guided by pertinent safety protocols. 

Although WA has seen COVID-19 virtually eliminated in our state over the last months, our international and inter-state borders remain closed. We have therefore suspended running training on-location for the July quarter, as the majority of our students are from overseas or interstate. 

We are offering a range of online courses in this time to continue to provide training remotely. For more information, please see Online Training Courses We look forward to offering on-site training again once relevant restriction are lifted. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information at  [email protected] 


April 17, 2020

As YWAM Perth, we maintain our commitment to operate within the prescribed government guidelines for isolation and social distancing. We continue our emphasis on prayer and worship as a missions community as we meet remotely from our homes and residences. We are seeking out and actively engaged in appropriate ways to reach out to our neighbours and precinct. We are in regular contact with our long-term teams overseas, assisting and supporting them in their contexts. Our ongoing training programs are being delivered in online formats for the duration of these social distancing measures. 

We currently continue to accept applications for our July and October quarter training programs. Please visit this section for further updates or contact us at [email protected]


March 26, 2020

We continue our commitment to respond promptly and thoroughly to measures put in place by the government and local authorities. The government has recently instructed people to avoid gathering and stay home, other than for essential reasons. We have implemented our plans for this scenario, with our staff and students limiting their activities outside of their residences and remaining closely connected and purposefully engaged on digital platforms. Our January quarter training programs have shifted to online formats for the final portion of their lecture phases.  

At present, with the exception of a very limited number of essential services, we have shut down our activities at our main facilities. Our commercial kitchen has been permitted to continue to be used for food distribution in accordance with directives from local authorities. 

We have worked to ensure that all staff and students who returned to Perth from overseas before Australia closed its borders carefully observed all the necessary requirements for self-isolation before returning to their accommodation. The health and safety of our community continues to be our priority. 

If you need more information, please contact us at [email protected]


March 20, 2020

In the midst of developments related the COVID-19 virus, our priority continues to be the safety and care of our students, staff and the broader community. We are actively ensuring we are in compliance with all government guidelines. This includes implementing further logistical changes as to how and where we gather. 

Alongside of other measures we have already taken, we are carefully monitoring the number of people in our buildings at all times, making sure we are within government designated limits. 

In follow up to our recent decision to suspend the outreach component of our January quarter training programs, we have been notified by YWAM’s International Discipleship Training School (DTS) Centre, that all of our January quarter DTS students can now graduate following their 11 weeks of lectures. An online option will be available for students who have already returned home. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions [email protected]


March 16, 2020

As Youth With A Mission Perth, we continue to closely monitor global developments with the COVID-19 virus. 

This virus has had worldwide impact and the situation is changing on a daily basis. Although we continue with ongoing ministry, certain aspects of how we function must be adapted. Over the last weeks, we have implemented social distancing, temporarily suspending our Friday Night Meetings, large gatherings, and reconfiguring how we meet and connect as a missions community. We are actively encouraging best health and hygiene practices and taking added measures as we clean and disinfect our buildings, accommodation and shared spaces.

In light of the rapidly changing situation and global scope of the virus, we have decided to postpone our April quarter training programs, as well as the outreach components of our January quarter training programs. We realise that this has wide-ranging impact on our students and their families, as well as our community. However, we believe this is the most wise and loving response at this time. 

Following the downgrading of this global situation, we plan to once again offer the training programs usually run in the April quarter, reconfigured as necessary. January quarter students will also have the opportunity to join in re-scheduled outreaches in order to complete their training programs and graduate as planned. 

The timing of when and how we offer the April quarter programs and January quarter outreaches will be made with careful consideration and in consultation with relevant authorities and guidelines. 

Our July and October quarter training programs are not currently being impacted. Given the fluidity of the situation, however, we are committed to navigating these decisions with the best information possible and in line with government guidelines.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you have questions. We are committed to providing updates with further developments.

Please join us as we continue to pray for the communities and individuals impacted by this virus. 



March 14, 2020

As YWAM Perth, we continue to closely monitor global developments with the COVID-19 virus. 

In wisdom and in keeping with Australian health guidelines, we are implementing social distancing, temporarily suspending our Friday Night Meetings and reconfiguring how we meet and connect as a missions community. 

We are actively encouraging best health and hygiene practices and taking added measures as we clean and disinfect our buildings, accommodation and shared spaces.

For those planning to travel to Perth, please consult Australia’s current travel guidelines, as well as your own nation’s travel guidelines. 

Please join us in praying for those around the world who are being impacted by this virus. 

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]