Christian Life & Discipleship

Summer Camp 2015


“DEFY!”  That’s the theme for this year’s Summer Camp.  Whatever challenges you might be facing – whether it’s peer pressure, bullying, insecurities, or if you just have nothing to do with your summer holidays – we dare you to defy those odds and sign up now for Summer Camp 2015.  You’ll have a blast with a week of fun in the sun, epic games, solid teaching, worship, delicious food, and heaps of quality hang-out time with our youth leaders and dozens of other amazing teenagers from around WA.  Come get refreshed and grow in your relationship with God and friends this week!

Dates: January 12-16 (a.k.a. next week)

Location: Camp Wattle Grove, Perth

Ages: 12-18

Cost: $235

To sign up:

For  more info, email us at: [email protected], or follow our Facebook page: