Can a band really be in Missions?


Just in the office this afternoon and took a little bit of time to  see how my good friends from Della Fern are doing.  They are a Band that are working with our YWAM Perth ministry, Musicians for Missions (M.F.M). Currently they are touring the West Coast of the U.S speaking in High Schools, Universities on Missions and also playing music gigs at different music venues.


Consisting of 5 members Beau (Lead Singer/Guitar), Grace (Lead Singer), Luke (Bassist), Joel (Lead Guitar) and Dean (Drums). They are all passionate musicians that have come through our Music DTS program over the years and have used that passion for music to reach out with a message of funky cool sound and infectious catchy melodies.


On the recent release of their EP Album I want to encourage you to have a listen to it and also download it for free.


Go to www.dellafern.com and also like them on Facebook under Della Fern.


These guys are sold out believers that are full time missionaries and have really chosen to put God first in their life. With His anointing they are able reach out to people, not only with good music but more importantly through the way they live their lives. I hope this encourages you, that God is a God who has placed passions within us and its when we give the glory to Him that we are able to steward our gifts submitted to God.