Christian Life & Discipleship

10 Benefits of Quiet Times

At Youth With A Mission (YWAM), the first week’s teaching on a Discipleship Training School (DTS) is about hearing God’s voice. One important tool for hearing God’s voice that’s highlighted is spending daily devoted time with Him, otherwise known as “quiet times”.

God is with us in every moment. However, more often than not, we tend to spend time on other activities that are not solely focused on hearing God’s voice or spending time in worship. “Quiet times” can be defined as spending time (often in the mornings) to hear God’s voice and start the day with a perspective of His character and His worthiness. These times can include, but are not limited to: worship, prayer, Bible reading, art, and writing what God says to us personally.

Here we have compiled a list of just 10 of the many benefits of spending a focused time with God:

  1. When we choose to make the time to worship God, He is honoured.
  2. An intimate relationship is developed with our Creator.
  3. More of God’s wonderful character is shown to us.
  4. Our days start off with gaining God’s wise and true perspective before our own, or anyone else’s.
  5. We get recharged from God spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally by our dependence on His strength and peace.
  6. Areas of repentance and the need to forgive others can be brought to mind, allowing us the grace to make things right.
  7. The time to pray for others is created.
  8. Changes are revealed that we need to implement into our lives; areas that we need to lay down/burdens to give to Jesus.
  9. We gain a greater understanding of His plans, calling and gifting upon our lives.
  10. When we read the Bible and apply its timeless truths to our lives, transformation occurs.

What a privilege it is that God treasures His relationship with us. He waits for us every day to draw closer to Him. How are we going to respond to God’s love and commitment to us? How are we going to prioritise our time?


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