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Youth With A Mission Perth is the largest inner-city YWAM campus in the world. We are situated in the of Perth and have a global mission.


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Practical courses centered on influencing specific areas of society. Be empowered to extend His Kingdom.

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Challenge Testimony

I used to be afraid to share what I believed about God. But during my DTS God challenged me that it's not about what people think about me but God's opinion of me and obeying his call.
Godwin C. / California,USA / School of Evangelism Staff

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Whether it's for a few months, a lifetime or anything in between, YWAM Perth offers a range of missions opportunities locally and overseas.

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Purpose Testimony

When coming to my DTS in Perth, I had no idea what my purpose was in life. During the course of the school God revealed to me my future and Purpose in missions. Knowing now that I am called to disciple others through performing arts has given me more than I could ask for.
Seth B. / United States / Performing Arts DTS Staff

A Great Commission Community.

We are a multicultural, multigenerational community committed to Christ, the Great Commission and each other. We worship and serve, learn and grow, eat, pray and play together.

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Adventure Testimony

This year I went to Nepal for outreach. One day we hiked up the Himalayas and visited a village. It took us two days to get there and it was full of adventure. There on top of the world I experienced snow for the first time.
Tirza H. / Indonesia / Media Staff

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Victim to Victor – in Chinese

我叫Larissa,来自巴西。感谢神带领我来到珀斯的YWAM(青年使命团)参加EFM。在过去的三个月里我学到了许多东西。刚开始不论是学英语还是交朋友,基地的所有人和事都让我兴奋。但后来情况变得困难起来,给我带来很大的压力和挑战。 来到学校的第一天我就收到了祖母去世的消息。学校老师的祷告和关心帮助我很快走出了悲痛。但是之后的六周,我在和老师的关系方面有许多挣扎,因此英语学得十分吃力。 之后有一周的教导是文化冲击。我感到了文化冲击的所有症状:尴尬、受伤、挫败和被误解的情绪困扰着我。同时我的脑海中徘徊着许多消极的思想,我感到愤怒、沮丧、敏感、气恼、孤独、恐惧和绝望。 在那之后的一天,上帝应允了我的祷告,给了我和老师一对一面谈的机会。我们有了一次美好的交谈,并且同心祷告。我抵挡了敌人的所有谎言,并感受到了上帝的宽恕。我想要顺服基督,以基督的心为心(罗马书12)。我开始明白上帝的真理,以及我在基督里的身份和命定。通过圣灵,我能够听到上帝的声音并明白他的信息。于是我重新开始享受学习英文和结交朋友。 现在我很期待下一个学校——2014年十月的万国门徒培训学校(DTS)。我期待更多经历神的恩典,并让他继续建立我的品格,教我学会谦卑并领受训诲。靠着他的恩典,我要坚持去行、去完成他的旨意,活出他对我生命的安排。 最后,感谢主不仅仅教会我英语,也让我更加亲近主、和YWAM珀斯基地的人建立关系。 2014年七月EFM(英文宣教)——Larissa Sakiyama

By danielc
on Jan 28, 2015


Stories from MAP DTS 2014

I was thinking a little bit how we can use Media in the ways that can glorify God, but then also spark the passion to … Continued

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on Jan 28, 2015


Bring Reconciliation In Obedience To His Voice

Story by Breanne Carter, MAPS DTS 2013 At the beginning of our time in Coolgardie, we all asked God to give us a word for … Continued

By Nicola Wilkinson
on Jan 27, 2015


Danger of Human Trafficking at Sporting Events

There are an estimated 2.5 million people in forced labor (including sexual exploitation) in the world at any given time as a result of human … Continued

By Arianne Siebring
on Jan 27, 2015



Story written by a former student, Connie – During outreach in Albany we were able to go into a school called Alter-1, the school was for … Continued

By Miriam Sode
on Jan 27, 2015


What’s Ruling Your life?

 As I spent a week with my Frontline school team on a backpacking trip last week, I was overwhelmed by the beautiful nature we saw … Continued

By melodykostamo
on Jan 9, 2015


YWAM Perth Values Family

There is a uniquely genuine sense of family here at YWAM Perth. You can see it in everything from the demeanour of the staff, the … Continued

By melodykostamo
on Jan 9, 2015


Summer Camp 2015

  “DEFY!”  That’s the theme for this year’s Summer Camp.  Whatever challenges you might be facing – whether it’s peer pressure, bullying, insecurities, or if … Continued

By Misha Del Favero
on Jan 8, 2015

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