Word by Heart

Learn the Word. Live the Word.

Training Overview

Become so familiar with the Bible that you can tell its stories word for word like a eye witness.


Start date: 2 October, 2016
End date: 18 March, 2017.


$3960 AUD

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A successfully completed Discipleship Training School.

The Lecture Phase

It's not memorising words; it’s familiarising yourself with THE Word until it overflows out of you.

Word by Heart is not a specialist skill for the uniquely talented, it's a tool for any Christian who wants to bring their understanding of the Bible to life. Each week, you will learn around five minutes of a Gospel by heart in your native language (totaling 90 minutes after twelve weeks) and tell it as an eyewitness might have done. You will learn storytelling skills and practice natural memory techniques that differ from a "rote approach", meaning anyone can achieve it! Using the tools of an actor, you will create imaginary memories to see what the eyewitnesses saw and say what they meant, with the goal of gaining a deep understanding of scripture and developing honest, fresh communication that compels audience attention.

What you'll experience during the lecture phase.

Natural Memory Techniques

Do you remember your birthday parties as a child? How about your first day of school? Then your memory does work! The best way we remember something is by experiencing it. Word by Heart taps into this natural memory process by teaching you to recreate and experience biblical events, rather than just drumming words into your memory.

Worship and Prayer

We don't study the Bible as a textbook, we believe it is the living word of God. So we should never forget to engage with the living God it describes! Each week we will take time to spend in worship and prayer, both as a class and together with the whole base, to continue to go deeper in relationship with Jesus.

Learn in your own language.

Although the lecture phase is given in English, you will learn the Gospel in your own language. Not only is this easier to learn, but it equips you to communicate the Bible to people from your own culture. We imagine people doing this in Mandarin, Hindi, Portuguese, Arabic, English, French, German and many more, opening up the Word of God to every person in the world!

Topics & Speakers

Learn Truth by Story

Week 1.

John 20

Learn more

Week 2.

John 18-19

Learn more

Week 3.

John 14-18

Learn more

Week 4.

John 12-14

Learn more

Week 5.

John 11-12

Learn more

Week 6.

John 9-10

Learn more

Week 7.

John 7-8

Learn more

Week 8.

John 6

Learn more

Week 9.

John 3-5

Learn more

Week 10.

John 1-2

Learn more

Week 11.

Storytelling Coaching

Learn more

Week 12.

First Public Presentation

Learn more

Outreach Phase

Step out and speak up!

In this phase of the training you will have the opportunity to share what you have learned in another country or culture, spreading revelation of the Bible around the world. As YWAM Perth, we focus most of our outreaches on the Indian Ocean Gateway- the circle of nations surrounding the Indian Ocean.

Mission experiences during the outreach phase.

Present your Gospel

Word By Heart presentations convey the reality of Jesus in a contemporary way. The presenter will be dressed in normal street clothes and will share the gospel story with little or no props, with the aim being to tell the Gospel in an authentic and relevant way. People are likely to believe the stories actually happened when told this way... because they did!

Teach the Word by Heart method

You will have the opportunity to share what you have learned in a shortened seminar form of the Word by Heart School. Teach people that they, too, can experience the events of the Gospels and communicate it in a fresh and effective way to others!

Experience new cultures

The Bible is for all people! You will live and share with people from a different culture; eating their foods, learning their ways and sharing the ways of the Bible with them.

Meet the Staff

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