Uniskript English Seminar

Pioneering a new approach to ending illiteracy

Seminar Overview

This seminar will equip you to teach UniSkript, a revolutionary new way of helping to end illiteracy & Bible poverty


Start date: 8 July, 2018
End date: 12 September, 2018.


Full seminar: $2,580 AUD
Seminar without accommodation: $1,950 AUD
Outreach: TBC (Between $1200 - $2000 AUD)

Not enough finances?

For Australians


Intermediate level English for those who have English as a second language

The Lectures

Learn to help illiterate people read the Bible with an exciting new symbol based alphabet called UniSkript. Be equipped to teach UniSkript and gain understanding on how to reach and disciple illiterate communities.

UniSkript is a way of teaching literacy using a symbol based alphabet that clearly represents the way all human beings use their mouths to speak. Your journey will start as a student when you experience first-hand how easy and fast it is to learn UniSkript. Then you’ll transition from student to teacher as you learn the methodology and skills of teaching this unique alphabet in a fun and interactive way. Finally, you will learn how to reach illiterate communities with UniSkript by teaching literacy skills to help end Bible poverty.

What you'll experience during the seminar

Learn to combat illiteracy

Discover where UniSkript came from, why it’s so exciting and how it can be used to break the cycle of poverty caused by illiteracy.

Be equipped to teach others

Receive input sessions on how to effectively teach UniSkript by combining symbols, pictures, gestures and activities to create a unique learning experience.

Reach the illiterate world

Be equipped for a missionary calling using UniSkript, testimonies and the Bible. Gain insight on how to approach different cultures and personal barriers people have to learning with compassion and understanding. 

What you will learn

The skills needed to combat illiteracy & Bible poverty

Cultural awareness in learning environments

Learn more

UniSkript methodology

Learn more

Teaching literacy with UniSkript

Learn more

Different learning environments

Learn more

Material creation

Learn more

Teaching practice

Learn more

Pioneering new ministries

Learn more

The Practicum

Using UniSkript to help illiterate people read the Bible in Kimberley Australia

You’re a pro in reading and writing Uniskript. You know how to teach UniSkript. Now it’s time to put everything you’ve learned during the seminar into practice and help end Bible poverty. The outreach will be for 3 weeks as we travel north to the Kimberley and teach UniSkript to illiterate people within an Aboriginal community.

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Highlights during the practicum phase.

Pioneer a UniSkript Ministry

Travel to the Kimberley and be a part of this pioneering ministry to help end Bible poverty

Teach UniSkript

Give the gift of reading and writing as you teach UniSkript in a local community

Share the Bible

Disciple others by sharing the word of God through UniSkript