School of Music in Missions

Use music for God

Training Overview

Be equipped in your musicianship in character, skill, and relationship with God and use music to share the gospel


Start date: 6 January, 2019
End date: 21 June, 2019.


Lectures: $4,010
Outreach: $3,000-$5,000 depending on outreach location.

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Certificate IV in Evangelism (10515NAT)

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A successfully completed Discipleship Training School.
Intermediate Skill Level on Your Voice/Instrument

The Lecture Phase

You will get to know God and His heart for musicians, learn the art of communicating a specific message through a song, and understand how to use live music to create opportunities for evangelism.

Our desire for this school is to train and mobilise Christian musicians who have a heart for God, compassion for people, a high standard of artistic excellence, and seriousness for music ministry. We want to see the development and personal growth of the musician's character, ability, ministry vision, skill, and creativity improved which will give them a platform to use music to express their heart to God and the people of the earth.

This time is meant to take your relationship with God, and musical talent, to the next level. You will discover your strengths and grow in your weaknesses as we journey together in knowing how to use music in missions.

This school should not be the starting place for a musician, rather, it should be the next step for those seeking to use their music to advance God's Kingdom. This school is for all musicians, of all ages and nationalities, who are of intermediate skill level or higher.

You can expect private tutoring, song writing, recording an album, band practice, live stage performance, weekly personal practise time, and more.

What you'll experience during the lecture phase.

Operate Together as a Band

Students will be placed in a band and given time to practice and perform the songs they write. Students will learn effective stage performance, team dynamics, and communication, along with how to effectively run a practice time.

Write Songs

Effective techniques on songwriting will be taught.

Opportunities to practice those techniques will be offered.

You will then record the songs and use them, along with cover songs, throughout the school in live stage performances.

Find God's Desire For Musicians

Local and international guest speakers share on specific topics, painting a picture of who we should be as musicians who love the Lord and desire to use our music for His Kingdom. This is a time of shaping the mind and character as God brings revelation and inspiration. God, the creator of music and creativity, will speak to us, inspire us, and show us how our talent can bring change in the world today.

Topics & Speakers

Knowledge gives guidance and confidence to our lives and ability to minister

Week 1.

Music in the Kingdom

Learn more

Week 2.

God the Artist

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Week 3.


Learn more

Week 4.

Transforming Power of Music

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Week 5.


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Week 6.

Music: its History and Role in Society

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Week 7.

Unity within A Team

Learn more

Week 8.

Calling in Ministry / Vision and Goals

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Week 9.

YWAM Perth 30th Birthday Celebrations

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Week 10.

Sound System Setup and Operation

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Week 11.

Music Industry

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Week 12.

Outreach Prep

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Outreach Phase

Share the gospel through the platform music creates, the songs you have written, and your actions.

Outreach focuses on using music and stage performance to communicate the gospel of Jesus.

Gigs, evangelism, praying for people, teaching, and training, prayer and intercession, live stage performances, worship and impacting the spiritual environment are a few of the things you will do on the outreach phase of the school. The focus is to look outside ourselves finding ways to connect with people so that they have an opportunity to know God personally. Our outreach location is different each year, but our God is the same and we can expect Him to show up and do great things as we seek Him and obey.

Mission experiences during the outreach phase.

Practically Serving People in the Nations

Musicians are more than just performers, we are people who are called to the Great Commission - meeting felt needs (food, clean water, healthy relationships, etc.) and the spiritual need (Jesus). We seek to use our music to draw people to us, which provides the opportunities to show them who God is through evangelism.

Ministering to Those Who Know God and Those Who Don't

Humans all over the world are the same: we all need Jesus. We are called to reach those who don't know God - those who are hurting, seeking, suffering, struggling - and share with them who God is. We love to give people an opportunity to know the same God who has changed our lives, and we do this through evangelism. At the same time, we do not overlook those in the local churches who need healing and growth in their own relationships with God.

Stage Performance

From playing gigs in pubs, clubs, bars, street corners, skate parks, malls, or any other place you can think of, to leading worship in local churches and on the streets, the outreach portion provides many opportunities to play music and use its influence to tell people who God is.

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