School of Frontier Missions

Training you to go to where people have not heard of Jesus

Training Overview

Gain the tools you need to obey Jesus' command to go into all nations and make disciples


Start date: 6 October, 2019
End date: 27 December, 2019.


Lectures (3 months): $3990 AUD
Outreach (3 months- long term placement) suggested $3000 AUD start up plus monthly pledged support

Not enough finances?

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Certificate IV in Frontier Missions (10474NAT)

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Successfully completed a Discipleship Training School.

The Lecture Phase

Do you want to be an effective missionary? Learn how here!

The School of Frontier Missions is a three-month course that trains you to be a frontier missionary. That is a cultural and language learner, who goes where people need Jesus and shares Him in a way they can understand.
You will be learning hands-on with a team of other missionaries, and putting into practice what you are learning.
This course will equip you no matter where you want to go as a missionary. We will partner with you to get you on the field.

What you'll experience during the lecture phase.

Practical Skills Taught by Experienced Practitioners

Do you ever wish you could have talked to Paul more about his missionary journeys and how he saw such amazing results? In this school, lectures are taught by people who are currently practicing missions. You can hear first-hand people's stories, their successes, and failures, and talk with your staff and teachers who are experienced missionaries.

Learn as Part of a Multicultural Team

You have the security of working within a team of experienced frontier missionaries, but also the adventure of going yourself.

Learn by Doing

You will learn by doing evangelism, helping new believers, participating in cell church, and dynamic intercession. You will start language learning, cultural studies, and experiencing different cultures. James, a past student said: "The teaching in the school was a springboard to prepare me for life here (the mission field). It helped us to see what it looks like to serve God where we are in a practical way".

Topics & Speakers

Great missions training from people who are doing it hands-on. Real application-not just theory!

Week 1.

Intimate relationship with God

Learn more

Week 2.

SOFM Skills: Simple Church & Language learning

Learn more

Week 3.

Church Planting Movements

Learn more

Week 4.

Character of God - Knowing God through suffering

Learn more

Week 5.

Unity and Team Dynamics

Learn more

Week 6.

Worldview Culture and Religions

Learn more

Week 7.

Missions- methods, models, mistakes, miracles. Perspective Essentials

Learn more

Week 8.

Apostolic Pioneering

Learn more

Week 9.

Taking on the Spiritual Battle

Learn more

Week 10.

Cross Cultural- communication and adjustment

Learn more

Week 11.

Character of a Missionary

Learn more

Week 12.

Prepared to go

Learn more

Outreach Phase

Go into all the world and make disciples

This is where it begins.

After having heard and learned from people across the globe, this is where you step out yourself in following Jesus into His calling upon your life.
Whether that be three months, a few years, or the rest of your life, there is no doubt that not only will God move through you to bring His Kingdom into places it is desperately needed, but that you will also be changed!

Mission experiences during the outreach phase.

Share the Gospel with People Who Have NEVER Heard of Jesus Before

So many people will never hear of Jesus unless someone goes specifically to tell them. This outreach will ensure you go to places and meet people who will be hearing about Jesus for the first time from you. What a thrill that you will have the opportunity to share with these people.

Be a Part of a Long-term Missionary Team

You will be working alongside other team members, learning, having fun, and also helping each other through. Not only will you be reaching out to others and helping them grow in faith, you will also be part of a team where you receive input and encouragement to grow.

Living in a New Culture and Learning a New Language

Instead of being a tourist, you will be diving into the culture and language. The most effective cross-cultural missionaries are those who become "belongers," integrating themselves into the communities they are reaching.

Meet the Staff

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