School of Frontier Media

Using the power of sight and sound to share the love of Jesus

Training Overview

Develop your skills, grow your heart for the nations, and learn to use media to impact the unreached


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Lecture: $3960
Resource: $100
Outreach: $3000-$5000 AUD

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This course is not currently recognised within the Australian Qualifications Framework. (This course is recognised for transfer credit with the University of the Nations.)

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A successfully completed Discipleship Training School

The Lecture Phase

Learn to use media to communicate love and truth to all nations

No matter what your experience, you will learn to produce resources to share the gospel with unreached peoples during this six-month training program.

Through hands-on training and workshops, you will develop practical skills across a wide range of media.

You will also be encouraged to explore principles of cross-cultural communication and strategic thinking as you use your love of video, photography and graphic design to directly impact the work of frontier missions.

What you'll experience during the lecture phase.

A Wide Range of Media

Throughout the school, we will look at many areas of media. You will be involved in producing short films, write scripts, take photographs and design print documents that can be used for missions. The school is an opportunity to take your existing skills or develop new ones and see how they can be more effectively applied to reaching the nations.

A Focus on Unreached Peoples

Whether we are sharing the gospel, calling Christians to prayer and engagement over a need, or simply reflecting the beauty of God’s creation, learn how to frame your message to be relevant to your audience, including the millions of people who currently do not have adequate access to the gospel.

Find Your Place

Whether you are a newcomer to media or a professional in your field, the SFM is a time to learn to produce resources that will communicate effectively across cultural and social boundaries. You don't need prior access to equipment or training - just bring your desire to learn and see how you can make a difference amongst the unreached.

Topics & Speakers

A range of practical skills taught by experienced communication specialists

Week 1.

Creativity & Communications

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Week 2.

Graphic Design

Learn more

Week 3.


Learn more

Week 4.

Media Strategy

Learn more

Week 5.


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Week 6.

Video Camerawork

Learn more

Week 7.

Video Production

Learn more

Week 8.

Documentary Film Making

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Week 9.

Documentary Production

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Week 10.

Dramatic Scriptwriting

Learn more

Week 11.

Directing / Cross-Cultural Film Making

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Week 12.


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Outreach Phase

Producing resources to share the gospel to the world's least reached people groups

During outreach, you will apply the knowledge and skills of the lecture phase to a field project for a specific unreached people group.

As part of a media team, you will work closely with local missionaries and national believers to produce evangelistic and mobilisation presentations for the target audience.

These presentations will be relevant, cross-cultural communication tools that will be used to bring the Kingdom of God to the unreached.

Mission experiences during the outreach phase.

Produce Media Tools

You will partner with missionaries and local believers to produce evangelistic films and prayer documentaries so that the unreached may hear the gospel. There is also great potential for other tools to be developed according to the needs of the people group - from comic books to websites, brochures to paintings; the possibilities are endless.

All Phases of Production

Whilst on the school, you will walk alongside experienced staff to develop scripts, cast actors, scout locations, shoot video and edit films that will make a difference amongst the nations.

Make a Lasting Impact

You will be part of creating tools that will continue to be used to advance God's kingdom in some of the neediest parts of the world.

Meet the Staff

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