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Communicate the Kingdom of God with passion and excellence, across a table or across a nation


Start date: 8 July, 2018
End date: 22 December, 2018.


The lecture phase cost is AUD $3960. There will be a field assignment offered after the lecture phase. The field assignment cost will vary according to location and program, generally between AUD $3,000-5,000.

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A successfully completed Discipleship Training School.

The Lecture Phase

To equip people with the communication skills needed to bring transformation to individuals, communities and areas of society

This training program will give you essential foundations for biblical communication. Through teaching, discussion, and many opportunities to put into practice what you are learning - you can learn new communication skills and strengthen those you already have.
It will increase your skill and confidence in speaking, writing and listening. The school will also equip you to prepare and deliver messages to a variety of audiences.

What you'll experience during the lecture phase.

Communicating into Current Societal Issues

So often we know what we believe, but struggle to communicate it well or in a relevant way. During the school, we will have debates and discussions over issues like euthanasia, abortion, purity and more. We will watch videos and welcome speakers to bring context and input into topics currently in the public eye.

Create Visual and Written Media Tools

Throughout the school, we want to focus on giving you practical skills and tools that you can take away and use. We will create media items that will be used during the outreach portion, learn skills related to research over an issue and create a media campaign.

He Came as a Witness About the Light...

John the Baptist came to prepare the way for Jesus. As communicators, we have this same opportunity - to prepare the way for others to hear the message of the Kingdom. We will learn what it means to fear the Lord in our communication, how to honour and encourage and use our words to inspire, to motivate and to be a tool for transformation.

Topics & Speakers

Speakers designed to help you "do" and then "teach"!

Week 1.

Foundations in Communication

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Week 2.

Biblical Overview of Communication

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Week 3.

Discipling Nations through the Spheres of Society

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Week 4.

Public Speaking

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Week 5.

Writing and Composition

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Week 6.

A Relevant Generation: Revealing God's Heart in Current Issues

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Week 7.

Interpersonal Communication

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Week 8.

Intrapersonal Communication

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Week 9.

World-view and Contextual Bible Study

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Week 10.

Finding Truth

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Week 11.

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Week 12.

Word by Heart Sessions and Assessment and Wrap Up

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Outreach Phase

Using our communication skills, tools and principles to see Kingdom change and transformation!

This year we will focus on one of the Islands of Indonesia. We are planning a communication-based outreach related to the growing child sex trafficking issue there. It has been on the increase over the past few years and it is now one of the world's top destinations for child sex tourism. Australia’s role in this issue is huge, as many Australian men travel here for this specific purpose.
We will go to the island for four weeks, gather research, do outreach, talk to the locals working in this area, assess what is happening in the tourism industry particularly, and gather media footage for films, photos, statistics and stories. Then on our return to Perth, we will produce a variety of communication tools and start a strategy of informing travel agencies, Indonesian Consulates, global and local hotel chains, Rotary groups and businessmen groups and more about the problem and ask them what they can and should do about it.
We will possibly have each of you do a domestic trip within Australia for the same reasons. There is a local church in Perth that has a heart for this specific issue, and we will be partnering with them and also with the trafficking ministry I also lead here called Priceless. That outreach will go from September 24th to December 16th, 2016.

Mission experiences during the outreach phase.

Public Presentations

Outreach will give us many opportunities to do public speaking, presentations on prevention and advocacy, and evangelism and teaching.

Cross-cultural Outreach and Engaging with Communities

In Bali, we will work with the local church and NGO's that are working in similar areas to our focus. You will definitely get to taste the great Indonesian food and experience this culture first hand.

Create and Implement a Communication-based Advocacy Strategy

One of the main features of the outreach component will be doing research, outreach, presentations and collecting video and photo footage whilst in Indonesia. Our aim is to then create and produce a variety of communication tools that we can use and distribute to effect the ongoing Australian tourist trade that exploits the children there.

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