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Training Overview

Grow in your relationship with God and sense of purpose. Be equipped to minister to the vulnerable - engaging issues such as human trafficking, poverty and prostitution.


Start date: 5 July, 2020
End date: 19 December, 2020.


Lecture:$3,580 AUD
Outreach: $3,500-5,500 AUD

Approximate USD Prices: as of 12 February, 2019
Lectures: $3580 AUD = approximately $2540 USD
Outreach = $3,500-5,500 AUD = approximately $2500- $3900USD
*USD prices may change contingent of exchange rate

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Certificate III in Discipleship (10473NAT)

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There are no prerequisites to join this DTS.

The Lecture Phase

Jesus called His disciples "that they might be with Him". The goal of the lecture phase is exactly that - to learn to be with and follow Jesus as disciples. Through teaching, prayer and worship, authentic community and more, there is great opportunity to grow in your faith and sense of purpose.

The Priceless DTS's lecture phase includes three months of intensive teaching, discipleship, growth, and practical application. Not only does it include classroom lectures, but regular times of worship and prayer, community outreach, hands-on serving, discussion times, smalls groups and one-on-one discipleship…. Oh, and lots of adventures!
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What you'll experience during the lecture phase.

Human Slavery / Prostitution / Exploitation Workshops

We will have weekly workshops and documentaries where you learn about many different issues relating to injustice.These include human slavery, prostitution and demand, sexual abuse, pornography, gender discrimination, the refugee crisis and more. You will be trained in how to respond and minister to the vulnerable as well as using an anti-trafficking toolkit.

Buildling Life-long Friendships

God's desire is for us to be in fulfilling relationships with Him and others. Your DTS is a great platform to grow in the area of relating to others and learn how to have healthy relationships. It's the top of God's priority list and should be the top of ours too! There is nothing like going on adventures in the nations with people who become your closest friends!

Personal Time with God

There will be a lot of opportunities to spend personal time with God during the Discipleship Training School. Many students have grown in their commitment to God during these times. You will also be coached by staff and teachers in what it means to pursue God with a whole heart as well as receive practical tips on how to do that.

Topics & Speakers

There will be 12 weeks of life-changing teaching on the topics listed below. You'll have speakers from around the world who will teach the topics in an interactive and compelling way and provide room for questions and personal application.

Week 1.

Hearing God's Voice

Learn more

Week 2.

Nature and Character of God

Learn more

Week 3.

Repentance and Forgiveness

Learn more

Week 4.

Intercession and Worship

Learn more

Week 5.


Learn more

Week 6.


Learn more

Week 7.

Fear of the Lord

Learn more

Week 8.

The Fatherheart of God

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Week 9.


Learn more

Week 10.


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Week 11.

Authority and Submission

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Week 12.

Spiritual Authority/ Outreach Prep

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Outreach Phase

The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is upon me, for the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the poor. He has sent me to comfort the brokenhearted and to proclaim that captives will be released and prisoners will be freed. Isaiah 61.1

Outreach is when you get the opportunity to apply and live out all that you've learned during the lecture phase and to obey the command of Jesus to "go into all the world and make disciples." You will form different teams with your staff and fellow students and be launched into the nations! You'll get to experience life in a different culture, language, and setting. You'll see how God loves the nations of the earth and what is happening in missions worldwide.
The Priceless DTS teams will specifically focus on locations that are prevalent for human trafficking and prostitution. There will be many types of opportunities on outreach to serve including teaching, advocacy, meeting practical needs, evangelism, working with "at-risk" groups, reaching out to men, women and children involved in labor and sex trafficking and many other ways.

Mission experiences during the outreach phase.

Mercy Ministries

On outreach, you will get the opportunity to respond to the tangible needs of communities. This could look like working with orphans, the homeless, and the poor and needy through basic health care, buildings homes, feeding programs, and many others ways.

Sharing the Love of Jesus

Whether it is in a planned evangelism time, through any other work we do or simply just through the day-to-day relationships that are built on outreach, we always look for opportunities to tell people about Jesus. Throughout the school, you will get lots of training and practice in how to effectively share with love. People are desperately hungry to hear that they are loved and that there is a God that sees them.

Human Trafficking/ Prostitution Ministry

On outreach, you will have the opportunity to specifically reach out to those who have been affected by human trafficking and slavery in some way. You may be working with the most "at risk" of being trafficked and enslaved, teaching and educating them how to protect themselves. You may be ministering to those who have been trafficked into the sex industry or who are "willingly" there. You may be doing advocacy work in schools, churches and in communities to help them become more aware of the issues of human trafficking. The possibilities are endless!

Meet the Staff

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