Medical Boomerang

Short trips for Medical Professionals


Bringing physical and spiritual healing through short-term medical missions


Medical professionals going out, producing a deeper passion for the poor and needy. Using their skills and trusting God.

The Medical Boomerang (MedBoom) is a short-term missions experience for medical professionals! We have outreaches 3 or 4 times per year. Gain a greater dependence on God as you adapt in less resourced areas. Many people live in crisis situations with little medical advise, and technology, your skills are needed!!. Exposure to the need in these nations compels us to grow, hear from God, and apply His understanding. Share the Gospel, teach and train locals, and learn from your team mates.

You may be involved in either a rural or city setting, in a hospital or mobile clinic under a coconut tree! Whatever the environment, your skill will open doors to share the love of God. You'll have a front-row seat as you watch Him bring healing to these people who are so dear to His heart.

What we do

Form a team with other medical professionals and engage in local ministry, mobile clinics and evangelism

Orientation to Medical Missions

In the orientation portion of MedBoom you'll learn about your outreach location and how to best serve the people you'll meet. You'll spend time with your team mates, getting tips on team dynamics, going cross-cultural and using your skill. You'll get workshops on how to set up and run a mobile clinic and pharmacy in low-resource settings, and learn about God's ways in healing!

Mobile Clinics

Whether it's in the crowded alley of an Asian slum, or under a mango tree in rural Africa, we'll carry our own supplies and set up with the resources available to us! Our aim is that each patient would have the opportunity to have their needs assessed, receive the best treatment available, hear about the love of Jesus and receive prayer.

Multi-disciplinary Teams

Ranging from nurses to dentists, Doctors to pharmacists, physiotherapists to midwives - you'll have a variety of skill sets on your team! It's always exciting to be able to work together, having team mates as resources to consult with in order to give a holistic care package to each patient. You'll learn new things and be able to teach from your knowledge, in turn.


This incredibly varied continent is home to nearly 4.5 billion people! Over the next 3 years we'll be sending five teams:
2019 TEAMS
Cambodia - 7-27 July
India - 6-26 October

2021 TEAMS
Cambodia 10-30 January
India 3-23 October


The subcontinent of Africa is home to some of the world's most exotic creatures, incredibly rich culture, and devastating health statistics. We'll be sending three teams over the next two years:
2020 Teams
Zimbabwe - 12 January - 1 February
Uganda - 4-24 October

North-western Australia

The Kimberley Region of Western Australia is a vast expanse of red dirt and remote communities. Forty percent of the population are aboriginal people, many of whom live in communities far from health facilities. The health care team at YWAM Perth takes mobile health care and education to these communities, and the Medical Boomerang teams will join on the following dates:
2020 TEAMS
5-25 July
2021 TEAMS
4-24 July


Medical professionals have the opportunity to take part in clinics, share the Gospel, pray for patients, teach and help other local medical professionals. Your dependency on God will grow as you serve as a health care worker led by the Holy Spirit. Trips for the following locations:
2019 - JULY - Cambodia; OCT- Mumbai, India
2020 - JAN- Zimbabwe, Africa; JULY - Kimberley, West Australia; OCT - Uganda, Africa
2021 - JAN - Cambodia; JULY - Kimberley, West Australia; OCT - Mumbai, India

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