Media, Art & Photography DTS

Your gifts can change the world

Training Overview

Experience dynamic discipleship while using your creative gifts to make a difference in the nations.


Start date: 5 April, 2020
End date: 18 September, 2020.


Lecture: $3,580 AUD
Outreach: $3,000-5,000 AUD

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Certificate III in Discipleship (10473NAT)

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There are no prerequisites to join this DTS.

The Lecture Phase

So much more than just information! Dive into authentic discipleship in a missions community

Knowing God more and making Him known is at the core of every DTS.

The Media, Art, and Photography Discipleship Training School is specifically tailored for those with a love for creative expression through photography, fine arts, and media.

We integrate these tools into the curriculum through workshops, projects and outreach opportunities. Through it all, the focus is discipleship and getting God's perspective.

Together we encounter God, allow Him to shape our lives and gifts, and find more of our purpose in the Great Commission.

What you'll experience during the lecture phase.

Getting a Heart

Local and international guest speakers explore a range of topics related to authentically following Jesus. These times are about making a personal response to what we're learning, drawing closer to God, letting Him shape us and discovering more of His purpose for our lives.

More Than Just Lectures

Encounter God through worship, one-on-one discipleship, small group discussion times, prayer, random fun, practical service, reaching out to the city of Perth, and more. This is done all while living in the context of our international mission community.

Using Your Giftings

Engage in workshops, seminars, one-on-one input, and dialogue with people who are effectively using media, art, and photography in the nations. We look at God's intentions for creativity and communication and what it means to follow Him in that. Get introduced to a world of opportunities to use your gifts for His purposes!

Topics & Speakers

Go beyond just information to application and transformation

Week 1.

Hearing God's Voice

Learn more

Week 2.

Nature and Character of God

Learn more

Week 3.

Repentance and Forgiveness

Learn more

Week 4.

Intercession and Worship

Learn more

Week 5.

Holy Spirit

Learn more

Week 6.

Father Heart of God

Learn more

Week 7.


Learn more

Week 8.

Fear of the Lord

Learn more

Week 9.


Learn more

Week 10.

Making Jesus Lord (Lordship)

Learn more

Week 11.

Relationships / Team Unity

Learn more

Week 12.

Living in Spiritual Authority

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Outreach Phase

Use your gifts to reach and serve others! Share the hope of Christ and meet needs in creative, practical and relational ways

The gospel was never meant to stay safely within four walls - the good news is meant for every person and every part of society! It transforms lives, communities, and nations and we're all called to be a part of sharing it.

After three months of intensive discipleship training, we put it all into practice on outreach. Outreach teams head to different countries, ready to communicate the love of God in words, action, and creativity.

MAP DTS teams integrate creative expression into the core elements of outreach: discipleship, evangelism and mercy ministries. We look for all kinds of opportunities to use our gifts to reach and serve others.

Mission experiences during the outreach phase.

Share the Hope of Christ

You will have all kinds of opportunities to share the love of God with people. It could be using photography to build bridges, personally sharing your story, painting public murals to leave a lasting mark, or shooting videos that provoke dialogue. Every outreach is different - imagine how God could use you!

Build up and Strengthen

Empower those you meet and serve by passing on what you've learned. It could mean teaching in a slum church, working with a youth group, producing communication resources that meet the needs of the people you encounter, or many other ways.

Love in Action

Past DTS outreaches have served in the Philippines, Nepal, Japan, Thailand, Uganda, remote Indigenous communities in Australia and more. Every community has unique needs and we serve however we can. We work alongside local Christians and long-term ministries whenever possible.

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