Master of Music and Worship

training for a life of music and worship

Training Overview

The University of the Nations is offering a Masters degree in Music and Worship hosted by Youth With A Mission Perth. This two year degree program will train students for a life of music in missions, church, education or performance contexts. For more info: [email protected]


Start date: 7 July, 2019
End date: 25 June, 2021.


Lecture: TBA (email for more info)
Outreach: TBA (email for more info)

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Successful completion of a Discipleship Training School (DTS)

Course Content

Growing your gift with knowledge and skill

In this two year program, you will receive a Master of Music and Worship degree from the University of the Nations (inclusive of a Bachelor of Arts degree). We offer a music and worship curriculum adapted to operate within a Christian university and mission context. Courses include: music theory | music history | worship leadership | instrumental / vocal training | music literature | rehearsal techniques | international worship | worship in missions | biblical history and theology of worship | song-writing | event management | conducting

The last quarter of the program will be focused on the delivery of the Capstone Project or Recital, followed by a six week outreach.

Course Outcomes

Possible career pathways using your degree

There are many directions you can take your Master's Degree in Music and Worship. You can use your finely honed gift to unlock many doors on the mission field... perhaps going where others would not gain access. This degree will also put you in a wonderful position to work in the local church as a worship pastor, worship coordinator and teacher. Music performance as a career is another real possibility from your training here.

A list of possible career pathways: Music Performer | Worship Pastor | Music Missionary | Worship Leader | Music Teacher | Church Worship Coordinator | Voice / Instrument Instructor | Songwriter | Music Evangelist