Leadership and Pioneering Seminar

Being Empowered. Bearing fruit that will last.

Seminar Overview

Be equipped as a leader to make your vision a reality through mature and seasoned leaders' input, teaching and mentorship


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Seminar: $2450 + $30 registration fee
Optional Outreach: Between $3000 -$5000

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For Australians


A Recommendation from your Leader/ Church Elder/ or Pastor
A Project in Mind

The Lectures

The Leadership and Pioneering Seminar is for those who have a vision on their heart, a passion for the impossible and need help, equipping and a ‘how to’ to be able to take that first step in the developing of what God has spoken.

This 6 week fast track leadership seminar will equip and mentor you with value based leadership training to help make your vision a reality. We will look at key themes of YWAM, the history and lessons learned and also dissect, discuss and receive valuable training in the area of understanding spheres, project development and team formation. Covering the two great commissions with an understanding of the covenants of God with his people, his leaders and the church.

What you'll experience during the seminar

Seasoned Input and Mentorship from experienced leaders

Teaching and mentoring by YWAM leaders with over 40 years of experience in the mission, with daily input from giants of the faith. Input from those who have gone before; who have pioneered, established and seen growth, fruit and breakthrough is one of the outstanding features of this school. Living the Great Commissions that comes through in Matthew 28 and Mark 16 - these teachers bring a wealth of tried and tested input.

Making the Vision a Reality

With a vision in mind - you will receive input not only on making your vision a reality, but how to create a 5 year plan, creating and charting points of growth and markers. Through interactive discussion and input you will be able to put together achievable and faith-filled goals and receive teaching on the forming and calling of a team.

Spheres, Domains and the Spiritual Disciplines

Teaching on the Spirit disciplines of a leader will bring greater insight into leadership. With interactive time given to processing questions and thoughts - you will be encouraged and mentored in the character and conduct of a leader. The spheres of Society will be discussed and dissected with biblical exploration and expert teaching.

What you will learn

Learn from those that have experience in Leading and Pioneering!

Spiritual Leadership and Pioneering/YWAM the movement

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Project Development

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Growing to Plant Fruit in Leadership

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Growing in Leadership

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Growth in Apostolic Pioneering

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Growth in the Gifts

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The Practicum

Leaders are made where integrity and devotion meet the Great Commission

We make available internships specifically designed to help you in the development of your project. It is an opportunity to gain valuable on-the-job experience with an established ministry in the field that you wish to pioneer.

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Highlights during the practicum phase.

Eldership and Mentoring

Glean from the wealth of experience of those who have pioneered before, and gain from their successes and their failures. The ministry experiences of those who have gone before us are one of the most valuable assets a pioneer can have.

Ongoing Relationships and Networking

One of the advantages of serving in an established ministry is the opportunity to connect with others that have the same heart. God never calls us to go it alone as pioneers. He always provides relational support for every endeavour he calls us to.

Dealing with Real Life Situations

Pioneering involves strategic prayer and the freedom to hear Gods voice for creative solutions. As you gain experience in established ministry you have the opportunity to be coached through these situations on a regular basis.