Foundations in Education

Discipling people through education

Training Overview

Teaching and training based on biblical beliefs and values


Start date: 7 July, 2019
End date: 21 December, 2019.


Lecture: AUD 3960
Outreach: AUD 3000+

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A successfully completed Discipleship Training School.

The Lecture Phase

If education is meant to be a God thing, what should it look like?

“Teaching is the essential profession, the one that makes all other professions possible.” David Haselkorn

Teaching has great influence. But what are we influencing people with? As Christians, we want to teach from a biblical worldview no matter the subject or audience, but what does that look like? And how do we set up a learning environment that helps everyone to grow and develop? These are some of the topics we will discuss. In this course, you will learn communication and teaching skills that will help you to disciple more effectively and gain an understanding of God's view of education and training. Whether you are new to this area or have been training people for years, this course will give you fresh insight and inspire you to impact the world through education.

What you'll experience during the lecture phase.

Learning Together

In the beginning, God created. We are made in His image, to co-create with Him. In this course, you will discover the importance of creativity in all educational settings. You will explore how each person is made unique and how we can value each individual in the learning process. You will learn how to create a healthy learning environment through recognising different learning styles and giving everyone a chance to contribute.
"In learning, you will teach and in teaching, you will learn.”

God's Intentions for Education

Why do we place students at desks when approximately 30-40% of them are kinesthetic learners who need physical activity in order to learn? Why do we separate art and music from all the other subjects? Why do we limit talking about God to Religious studies? Are we not able to learn from God in all subjects? Did God not create all languages?
In this course, you will investigate a biblical view of education.

Developing a Transformational Strategy

This is your opportunity to explore an area of passion, seeking God on how to use education to bring about change. You will be challenged to co-create with God to develop a strategic plan that impacts people's lives. How can we encourage high schoolers so that depression and suicide rates decrease? What can we do to help disabled children blossom in China? How can we equip our employees and release them to take on more responsibility? The opportunities are endless.

Topics & Speakers

Learn how to represent God in the area of education

Week 1.

God our Teacher Nature and Character of God

Learn more

Week 2.

Child Development

Learn more

Week 3.

Educational wounding / Assessment and observation

Learn more

Week 4.

Learning styles

Learn more

Week 5.

Developing a Discipling Education Model

Learn more

Week 6.

History world view of education /The past ,the present and the future

Learn more

Week 7.

Relationships and unity /Communication skills

Learn more

Week 8.

God centered curriculum

Learn more

Week 9.

Serving those with special needs and children at risk through education

Learn more

Week 10.

The role of Education in Community Development

Learn more

Week 11.

Teachers God can use

Learn more

Week 12.

Biblical philosophy of Education

Learn more

Outreach Phase

Transforming nations through education

It is time to practice your newfound understanding of God’s ways in education. You will enter into a variety of settings such as government and private schools, churches, marketplaces and people's homes. Here you will have opportunities to apply what you have learned during lecture phase.

Mission experiences during the outreach phase.

Teaching in Local Schools and Churches

Refine your new skills by creating, modifying and using a curriculum to fit the gifts of those you are teaching in a cross-cultural setting. Work alongside local teachers and church leaders.

Teacher Training

Teachers all over the world carry a significant role in shaping the future of their nations. You will have the opportunity to encourage teachers and inspire them through teacher training seminars and working alongside them in local schools. You will also teach them about entering into a relationship with God.

Running Children's Programmes

Our beliefs are formed in the early years of life, and a staggering 80% of Christians made their decision to follow Jesus before the age of 15. This is your opportunity to impact children's lives through dynamic teaching and fun activities, while leading them into the truth of who God is.

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