Field-Based Language Study 1

Field-based training to help you learn the basics of any language

Training Overview

Guided work to help you learn the language of the people you are living with.


Start date: 2 July, 2018
End date: 30 September, 2018.


AUD $350

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A successfully completed Discipleship Training School and School of Frontier Missions, or similar. The student must also be living in a cross cultural language “immersion” situation where they are surrounded with local language speakers.

The Lecture Phase

You will be gaining basic language proficiency alongside learning how to learn a language.

This course gives opportunity for credit to be gained from language learning that takes place beyond the classroom- on the street, in the marketplace, through relationships, in a non-formal context.

What you'll experience during the lecture phase.

Support in language learning

You will have continued encouragement and coaching through weekly online meetings in how to learn the language of the people you are living with.

Structured guidance alongside informal language learning

This course is designed for people who are already learning the language of the people they are living with in a cross-cultural missions context. The course provides framework to successfully gain initial competence in the target language and accreditation for your effort. The learning content will be delivered electronically- books, work together, online discussions, and classes.

Learn to be a missional language learner

Many people see missions and language learning as separate occupations. This course will train you to do language learning as missions: how to use language learning to evangelise, disciple and plant churches among your target people.

Topics & Speakers

Learn a new language in an informal community setting

Week 1.

How to learn a language

Learn more

Week 2.

Basic language learning topics

Learn more

Week 3.

How to maximise your learning- discovering your learning style

Learn more

Week 4.

Language learning as an evangelistic tool

Learn more

Week 5.

Character input for language learning

Learn more

Week 6.

Language learning tools

Learn more

Week 7.

Planning and organisation skills

Learn more

Week 8.

Intercession and worship: Partnering with the Spirit

Learn more

Week 9.

Perseverance and how to remain motivated for the long haul

Learn more

Week 10.

Heroes in the journey of faith

Learn more

Week 11.

Visual communication

Learn more

Week 12.

Non-verbal communication: communication and culture

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