Field-Based Culture Acquisition Internship 1

Learning culture to become “all things to all men”

Training Overview

You live with your target community and are guided through activities to help you learn their culture


Start date: 9 April, 2018
End date: 30 June, 2018.


AUD $350

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A successfully completed DTS and School of Frontier Missions or similar in YWAM

The Lecture Phase

Live in your target culture and learn how and why people do what they do.

This online course is to help missionaries understand the cultural context and worldview of the people they are reaching. They will study the culture from living within it and participating in festivals, food, dress, family, community events, forming friendships etc. From these experiences and doing some research they will have a guided reflective process, to help process and take note of what they are learning and observing.
This course will help people to make God known in relational and culturally acceptable ways among unreached places in the world.

What you'll experience during the lecture phase.

Focus on your target people

This course can be used to equip you among any people or culture that you are called to. It is designed to be gone through as you are living among your target people group.

You will experience many aspects of the culture.

You will experience cultural food, dress, customs, festivals and family life in your target group.

You will research and create materials to help unreached people become “reached”

Through your research and presentation of what you have learnt you will create materials that can help others better understand and reach out to the people you are focusing on, so they will be able to hear the Gospel presented in a way they can culturally understand.

Topics & Speakers

Field-based learning, understanding and redeeming cultures

Week 1.

God's gift of culture

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Week 2.

Worldview and the belief tree

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Week 3.

Biblical basis for culture and adaptation

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Week 4.

Finding doorways into communities

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Week 5.

Character of a missionary

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Week 6.

Redemptive analogies

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Week 7.

Research and community surveys

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Week 8.

Analysing data, and drawing implications and applications from research

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Week 9.

Intercession that breaks the mould

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Week 10.

Breaking down barriers one mouthful at a time

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Week 11.

Ethnocentricity and laying down pride

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Week 12.

Story telling

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