Families Alive School

Learn about God’s plan, purpose and destiny for families

Training Overview

Be equipped with biblical principles for families combined with practical skills to engage and disciple them in the community


Start date: 7 April, 2019
End date: 21 September, 2019.


Lecture: 3,960 AUD
Outreach 3,000 - 5,000 AUD

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This course is not currently recognised within the Australian Qualifications Framework.

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A successfully completed Discipleship Training School.

The Lecture Phase

Be trained in the biblical foundations of God’s blueprint for families

Families are the building blocks of society. If families are living life in the fullness of God, it will have a tremendous impact on all other areas of society.

God's heart is that family would be an expression and reflection of who He is. During this school, you will explore this truth and gain invaluable foundational knowledge of God's blueprints and purposes for families. You will learn to work with God in assessing the needs of families in a community and creating an effective strategy that will provide opportunities for discipleship as well as meet felt needs.

What you'll experience during the lecture phase.

Family Reaching Project

You will be a part of a family reaching project during your time on lecture phase. You will spend time asking God for a target people group somewhere in the nations and then with God create a plan on how to engage, evangelise and disciple families within that people group. During this planning period, you will be spending time in prayer and intercession as well as research in order to create something that is God-inspired, creative and will meet real needs of the families you are reaching out to.

Community Outreach

You will have time allocated every week to engage with families in the city of Perth. We will be partnering with a local ministry on base that provides crisis care to families in need. You will have opportunities to meet felt needs of families as well as share the gospel and pray for the families you encounter.

Discovering God's Heart for Families

We will spend time exploring God's word and discover His intention for families. We will do this in a variety of different ways including lectures, small group discussions, and one-on-one processing.

Topics & Speakers

Dive deeper into God's heart and intent for families

Week 1.

Biblical View of Family as an Expression of the Nature & Character of God

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Week 2.

Biblical Roles of God, Man, and Family

Learn more

Week 3.

Relationships, Marriage and Conflict Resolution

Learn more

Week 4.


Learn more

Week 5.

Lordship in Family

Learn more

Week 6.

Living in Spiritual Authority as a Family

Learn more

Week 7.

Father and Mother Heart of God

Learn more

Week 8.

Parenting and Family Origins

Learn more

Week 9.

Child Development and the Role of Parents in Education

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Week 10.


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Week 11.

The Sphere of Family

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Week 12.

Engaging Families

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Outreach Phase

Engaging families in meaningful and relevant ways

During a Families Alive School outreach, we will be partnering with the local church where possible to do evangelism, mercy ministry, and training. We will research and create family-reaching strategies with the Lord and begin to implement them in the community. By doing this, we will not only be practicing what was taught during lectures but will be developing skills and confidence that will be applicable to any family ministry situation God may put on your heart.

Mission experiences during the outreach phase.

Evangelism and Mercy Ministry

Families need Jesus! There will be lots of opportunities to engage in evangelism and mercy ministry focused on families. Whether through practical service or street evangelism, we will ask God to give us strategies to effectively engage and share the gospel with families in a way they can understand and apply personally.

Training and Equipping

We will use opportunities to bring training and equipping to the local community and Body of Christ through formal and informal seminars on topics relating to families such as parenting, relationships, marriage, etc. Our aim is to tailor the teaching for the target audience by taking into account culture, language, education level and felt needs.

Holistic Family Reaching Strategy

We will be spending time hitting the streets and gathering as much information as possible about what the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of families in the target community are. Alongside the local church, we aim to create a strategy that will meet those felt needs and provide open doors to share the gospel and disciple families in God's ways.

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