Contextual Filmmaking Seminar

Cinematic storytelling to share the love of Jesus

Seminar Overview

Develop your skills in movie making, increase your heart for the nations, and learn to produce films that impact the Kingdom of God.


Start date: 1 September, 2019
End date: 28 September, 2019.


$1770 AUD

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For Australians


There is no pre-requisite for this seminar.

The Lectures

Four weeks of hands-on training to use filmmaking in your ministry

No matter your level of experience, this Seminar will equip you with what you need to produce short films that share godly messages of love and truth.

Learn the character of God as a storyteller and communicator, and get his heart for how he sees peoples and cultures. From there, explore how film can be used to share the good news to audiences in ways that are relevant to their worldview and circumstances.

Develop the storytelling and filmmaking skills needed to articulate those messages through cinema. The seminar will take you from script writing and story development, through the technical aspects of producing short films, and finally to editing and post-production.

What you'll experience during the seminar

God’s heart for nations

God’s heart for people includes a deep love for different cultural expressions and responses to him. The seminar will have focused times of teaching which will deepen our understanding of culture and worldview, and help us see the critical role godly communication has in completing the Great Commission.

Hands-on skill training

Get practical with cameras, lights, microphones and editing software to bring your story to life. Seminar participants will work together as a team to create movies which speak messages of love and truth, and challenge people toward relationship with God.

Storytelling with a purpose

Stories are a powerful way to share the heart of of God to those who are lost, broken or unreached. Seminar participants will have the opportunity to learn how to develop scripts which will become the foundation of strong narrative films and cinematic stories which articulate the love of God.

What you will learn

Teaching that is both inspirational and practical

God's Heart for Your Audience

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Telling Your Story

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The Practicum

Taking it to the nations

This Seminar is the second in a series of three seminars, which includes the Documentary Filmmaking Seminar and the Photo Storytelling Seminar. These seminars may be taken individually or back-to-back, depending on your training needs.

At the conclusion of the three seminars, an optional outreach will be offered that is open to all seminar participants. Travel with experienced staff into an unreached or needy situation, and put your skills into practice, using media to enhance our communication of the love of God to those who need it most.

This optional outreach will begin at the conclusion of the third seminar, at the end of October.

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Highlights during the practicum phase.

Engaging with real needs

Have a strategic approach in engaging with people's needs and developing the media projects that will be of the greatest impact for the Kingdom of God.

Media production on the field

You will partner with missionaries and local believers to produce media resources that share godly truth right where the people are.

Make a lasting impact

You will be part of creating tools that will continue to be used to advance God's kingdom in some of the neediest parts of the world.