Community Health Development School

Implementing the ways of God for healthy communities

Training Overview

Transforming a community's health care through Kingdom partnership


Start date: 5 April, 2020
End date: 19 September, 2020.


Lecture: $4,010 AUD plus $30 AUD registration fee
Outreach: $3,500-5,500 AUD

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This course is not currently recognised within the Australian Qualifications Framework.

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1. A successfully completed Discipleship Training School with Youth With A Mission.
2. Either have prior missions experience or completion of a second level Health Care school; each student is reviewed based on their previous experience.

The Lecture Phase

Learn to see a community through God's eyes and gain tools to implement lasting change.

Primarily focusing on the Indian Ocean Gateway Nations, this school will equip you to recognise and address needs as well as strengthen what already exists. Whether it's facilitating a community-based health course, or coming alongside current health facilities to give encouragement, you will learn how to best see a community flourish.

Lectures will empower and equip you to be led by the Holy Spirit in approaching health challenges. Together with your classmates you'll look into the health issues that burden a society. Your mission experience will be built on, giving you tools to effect change.

What you'll experience during the lecture phase.

Research and Proposal Writing

The community may know what they need, but they need help to see a solution for it. However, the Holy Spirit always has the answer! Learn how to ask the right questions and gather information that will define the need that they feel as well as reveal the strengths they have! Write and present a proposal for change that will inspire hope and ownership.

Spiritual Mapping and Prayer Walking

Walking through a community helps us familiarise ourselves with it. Engaging with God as we go, we can see what He sees. Prayer walking and spiritual mapping is working together with God to create a strategic approach, addressing both physical and spiritual needs.

Social Health Determinants

There's so much that affects the health of a community beyond the actual health issues themselves. Things like stress, addictions, health providers, transportation and social factors have a massive impact on the health of an individual, and therefore on the community. Learn to recognise the gaps, and identify the 'why'. Use this information to support community projects.

Topics & Speakers

Hear from teachers with years of field experience, as they pass on tools for sustainable development

Week 1.

God's Heart for Community Health

Learn more

Week 2.

Kingdom of God Values: Uniting together ‘Sacred’ and ‘Secular’

Learn more

Week 3.

Community Components and Social Health Determinants

Learn more

Week 4.

Spiritual Mapping and Evangelism

Learn more

Week 5.

Women and Child Health

Learn more

Week 6.

Infectious and Chronic Diseases

Learn more

Week 7.

Community Nutrition

Learn more

Week 8.

Trauma, Injury, and Mental Health

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Week 9.

Research, Reports, and Proposal Writing

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Week 10.

Health Education and Cross-Cultural Sensitivity

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Week 11.

Servanthood: Influencing Transformation

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Week 12.

Starting a Movement: Strategic Planning

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Outreach Phase

Taking tools from the classroom into the communities of the world!

Once the lecture phase is complete, the Community Health Development School goes on outreach! We apply what we've learned over the three months of lectures. Teams travel to an outreach location, immersing themselves into local life. You will get to know the community and their culture. Outreach is an intentional time of pursuing relationships with locals, government bodies, health facilities, churches and other influential people. We will draw out resources that are already in the community and help them work together, cultivating ownership of sustainable development goals.

Mission experiences during the outreach phase.

Community Health Assessment

Use your abilities to assess and research the strengths and needs of the community while hearing from God and implementing His strategy. As you collaborate in a team to establish a plan you will also be able to identify local leaders who are people of peace with sufficient influence to bring change.

Engaging with People

Build trust, learn the culture, share the gospel, influence through relationship. Coming alongside people helps them feel that they're heard and understood.

Community Projects

Empower existing projects to encourage and strengthen them, or create new strategies alongside locals to help them start something new! Together we establish goals and implement a plan, which they can own, activate and carry on after we leave.

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