Community Development School

Be equipped to partner with communities to see them move forward towards God's intentions for their lives.

Training Overview

Engage with communities of all kinds to facilitate God's kingdom being practically expressed in all areas of life, physically, spiritually, emotionally and intellectually.


Start date: 7 July, 2019
End date: 20 December, 2019.


Lecture Phase: $3960 Australian Dollars (AUD)
+ Outreach cost rough estimate $4,000 (AUD) this is not exact but will give you a rough idea to work toward.

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Certificate IV in community development (CHC42115)

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A successfully completed Discipleship Training School.

The Lecture Phase

Learn how to be an agent of transformation in communities around the world, bringing God's practical love to those in need.

The Community Development School is for anyone who has a heart to see individuals and communities changed, inside and out, by the power of the gospel.

The CDS will equip you to partner with communities, rural to urban, slums to refugee camps, to bring about Biblical transformation across all spheres of society. You will grow in your relationship with God and learn how to pass that on to others.

This school will give you skills to help communities initiate and accomplish strategic activities that will bring life and growth towards God's Kingdom.

What you'll experience during the lecture phase.

Biblical Worldview

Gain an understanding for God's heart for nations and how what we think, value and believe impacts societies. Learn more about God's ways and values and how they can bring life, joy, and abundance to individuals as well as communities.


Experience interactive, hands-on learning during weekly workshops. There will be workshops on language learning, appropriate technologies, farming and church planting.

One-on-One discipleship

You will have weekly one-on-one meetings with school staff who will mentor you throughout the school and provide space for further processing and personal growth.

Topics & Speakers

Learn from experienced community development workers who love God and are actively working to see transformation in nations across the world.

Week 1.

Team Dynamics and Unity

Learn more

Week 2.

Biblical Worldview

Learn more

Week 3.

Community Development Principles & the Development of the Local Church

Learn more

Week 4.

Cross Cultural Dynamics and Church Planting

Learn more

Week 5.

Preparing the Community for Transformation Spiritually

Learn more

Week 6.

Community Assessment and Project Planning

Learn more

Week 7.

Dynamics of Development and Participatory Education

Learn more

Week 8.

Thinking and Learning, Justice Issues affecting Development, Simple Health Care/Crisis Management

Learn more

Week 9.

Environmental Stewardship

Learn more

Week 10.

Reaching Cities and City Transformation

Learn more

Week 11.

Role of Media in Development, Economic Development, and Appropriate Technology

Learn more

Week 12.

Outreach Prep – Bible and Community Transformation/ Language learning techniques

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Outreach Phase

Facilitate development toward God's intentions by partnering with a community to help them address their felt needs.

During outreach, you will partner with a community to facilitate them engaging in the development process. We'll start with relationship-building, prayer, worship, and research.

We'll engage with community leaders and the broader community to help them assess their own situation and envision where they want to go as a community.

The next step is engaging the community to plan and action their vision for development. Along the way, you'll engage in lots of evangelism, prayer, worship and practically loving and serving the local church and community.

Mission experiences during the outreach phase.


The foundation of working in any community is relationship. You'll spend lots of time getting to know people and asking questions, hearing their stories and sharing life.

Community Assessment

Facilitating a community to identify their assets and their challenges is the first step in formulating a plan for development. You'll assist the community to take stock of where it is and where it wants to go.

Worship, Intercession and Evangelism

Without God changing people's hearts, development is limited. We don't come with humanitarian solutions, but rather to introduce people to the source of all love and wisdom. Without the work of the Holy Spirit in a community, our efforts are one-dimensional and will not have the transformational impact God desires.

Meet the Staff

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