Bread and More DTS

Food and Hospitality Focused Discipleship Training School

Training Overview

Culinary Arts, Creativity and More.
A Food and Hospitality Focused DTS.


Start date: 6 October, 2019
End date: 21 March, 2020.


Lecture Phase: $3,580 AUD
Resource Fee: $160 AUD
Outreach Phase: $3,000-5,000 AUD*

*cost is dependent on outreach location

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Certificate III in Discipleship (10473NAT)

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There are no prerequisites to join this DTS.

The Lecture Phase

Experience God Afresh, while Defining Your Purpose and Values.

The lecture phase of the Bread and More Discipleship Training School is a platform for you to know God more intimately, to discover purpose and to develop your skills – equipping you for future projects and ministries.

This journey is designed to help you learn more about God and His ways, to discover your true potential, and develop life values and principles that will ground you for the future. Develop close friendships and discover true community. Grow together and support one another, as you and your classmates embark on this journey.

This DTS focuses on Food, the Culinary Arts, and Creativity – through an all encompassing live and learn concept. With workshops and work experience geared towards building your knowledge and experience in these areas. Equip yourself for your future calling and destiny.

What you'll experience during the lecture phase.

Develop Real Relationship with God

Focus on building a personal relationship with Him. In order to know who we are, we first need to know our Creator. The 12 week lecture phase is designed specifically for you to encounter and to truly know God through revelation and encountering Him.

Build Your Calling and Purpose

Find your calling and purpose. This is going to be a journey of discovery and development. Be a person who knows who they were created to be. And as you step into the fullness of your destiny, see the lives of others changed through it in the process.

Unique Workshops Tailored for You

We designed workshops that work for you and with you. Take part in an all encompassing live and learn concept, centered around the fundamentals of Culinary Arts and Hospitality. Use real life work experience to grow and mature into your calling.

Topics & Speakers

Know God more and discover who He made you to be

Week 1.

Hearing God's Voice

Learn more

Week 2.

Nature and Character of God

Learn more

Week 3.

Repentance and Forgiveness

Learn more

Week 4.

Intercession and Worship

Learn more

Week 5.

Making Jesus Lord (Lordship)

Learn more

Week 6.

Father Heart of God

Learn more

Week 7.


Learn more

Week 8.

Living in Spiritual Authority

Learn more

Week 9.

Fear of The Lord

Learn more

Week 10.

Submission and Authority

Learn more

Week 11.


Learn more

Week 12.


Learn more

Outreach Phase

It's time to give back! Use that which God has sowed into your life, to see the lives of others changed.

Step into the fullness of your calling and journey to various countries to share the love of Jesus Christ. Take what you've learnt and apply it to a 11 week outreach phase. Use the tools and skills that you have in your hands to see lives changed.

Partner with ministries internationally to see change happen through your hands and feet – which will include creating projects that allow for His kingdom to come here on earth. Be the change that you have been praying for. Challenge yourself to reach the unreached, and be changed in the process.

You have been made for such a time as this.

Mission experiences during the outreach phase.

Show Justice and Mercy

Walk in justice and show mercy in the nations. You are the hands and feet of Jesus. Discover what it truly means to show love in a practical way as you travel to different countries. Grow in confidence and boldness as you step into your calling.

Share the Love of Jesus

Take the love of Jesus to the nations as you embark on a 11 week outreach. See real change happen as you dynamically share Jesus with the various communities and people you come into touch with. Your life will never be the same again.

Train and Teach Others

Invest into the next generation as you train and teach others what you have learnt and experience. Experience the power of multiplication, and learn how to mentor and disciple others, as you travel to different outreach locations around the world.

Meet the Staff

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