Art Evangelists School

Co-creating with the Creator

Training Overview

Bring beauty and transformation to the world through your gift of creativity in visual arts


Start date: 1 October, 2017
End date: 16 March, 2018.


Lecture: $4,160 AUD
Registration: $30 AUD
+ Outreach: $3,000 - $5,000 AUD

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Certificate IV in Evangelism (10515NAT)

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A successfully completed Discipleship Training School.

The Lecture Phase

Be challenged to grow in your relationship with God while using your skill in visual arts. Be ready to learn how to use art in meeting the needs around you

This school is designed for those who love God and enjoy being creative at any level of skill. We will study a variety of artistic mediums and discover what it means to be a godly artist; someone who creates from the beauty and life that is inside them. You will be trained to look at the world with God's eyes, to bring to life His restorative plan for beauty. You do not have to be incredibly skilled in art to do the school, you just need to be willing to let God teach you new things!

You will be discipled in a one-on-one context on this school, but also in a corporate setting through all the incredible happenings in the YWAM Perth base life. This will include fun events, incredible prayer and worship sessions, shared meals each day and much much more!

What you'll experience during the lecture phase.

Developing Your Hand Skills

There are a variety of ways you'll develop your hand skills as an artist in this school. Weekly sketches are one of them. Practice is what will make you a good artist!
You can look forward to our weekly sketch nights where we'll set up a still life or a creative scene and enjoy snacks and an ambience that will get our creative juices flowing!

Getting Out of the Classroom

Throughout the lecture phase, we will take advantage of the beautiful Australian sunshine and landscape. We will go on outings where you will be given opportunities to be inspired by and capture God's stunning creation in your artwork. This could be down by the beach, in a lush green park, or the hills of Perth; any location that you will be able to copy what you see before you.

Art Evangelism

Take your art to public places! Use your painting and portrait skills to reach out to those in the community. (This is where you will learn that it's not about the art, it's about the message.) Our art has a loud voice and is meant to be heard! Let's use art to share the message of hope and love because of Jesus. Whether it's a painting on a large canvas or on the face of a child, the possibilities are endless in the ways you can communicate God's love.

Topics & Speakers

You will go deeper in your relationship with God to gain a greater understanding of how you as an artist can show God to the world!

Week 1.

Intimacy with God that changed the world

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Week 2.


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Week 3.

Nature and Character of God the Artist

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Week 4.

Heart Purity of the Artist

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Week 5.

Painting: Oils and Acrylics

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Week 6.

Holy Spirit and the Design Process

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Week 7.

Urban and Proclamation Art

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Week 8.


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Week 9.

Tools of Art Evangelism

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Week 10.

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Week 11.

Exhibitions & Art Therapy

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Week 12.

Outreach Prep / Team Dynamics

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Outreach Phase

Using visual arts to go beyond language and cultural barriers in order to communicate God's love

Genesis 12:2 says that we're blessed to be a blessing! Our goal is to be generous in loving others through the gift of art that we have been developing through this school. Engaging with people in communities, drawing portraits, working alongside churches, teaching individuals how to use art, painting murals in places that have no visual art at all, and the list goes on.

You will use the skills you learned during your lecture phase such as sketching, watercolour and painting to give people a tangible blessing, also using your new understanding of God's heart for restoring the beauty in this world. Art is a powerful tool in communicating His love, it goes beyond all barriers and can be used with any group of people. It is eye catching and will always cause people to stop and ask questions. You will see lives transformed as you use your gift to bless others and glorify God.

Mission experiences during the outreach phase.

Murals and Live Art

There is nothing quite like seeing a whole community brought together as we paint a message of hope on their walls. Real transformation takes place as we work together with the community, inviting them to the event of a mural. Children want to get involved, and a crowd forms to watch; creating a perfect opportunity to share the love of Christ with them.

Portrait Drawing

Portraits are an incredible way to connect with individuals and groups. As you sit with someone and draw their face, you're able to see that they are made in the image of Christ. You are able to impart value to that individual and love like they may have never felt before. There is always an opportunity to share truth with them as you take time to call them beautiful.

Creativity in a Community Context

Art draws people in! It is the way that we're able to connect with communities and reach individuals. Art brings healing, shows love, and opens a door for great conversation. Whether it's painting on a dirty old wall or on a massive canvas that we carry with us to the streets, engaging in art therapy or handing out a creative message, we love to do art for the communities and individuals we work with!

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