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So All Can Hear

by Keeley Samson YWAM Perth Staff everytonue Ministry     For over a year now, God has spoken about oral Bible translation to us as … Continued

By ywampertheditor
on May 8, 2019


Young People’s DTS: A Day in the Life

The daily life of a Young People’s Discipleship Training School student is busy, lively and fun! We would love to take you through what average, … Continued

By Lucia B
on Sep 6, 2017


I Was Expecting God To Transform Me

I am Megan. I’m 19, from Northern Ireland and I am doing the Young People’s Disciplineship Training School. (YPDTS) So far on Discipleship Training School … Continued

By blessingchanda
on Mar 23, 2016


“Good News About Injustice” by Gary Haugen

The “Good News About Injustice”, written by the president of the International Justice Mission, Gary Haugen, is an encouraging, inspiring and compelling look at the … Continued

By Bri Moore
on Jul 13, 2015


Passion of God

This week Pete Brownhill is speaking in the SOFM on Pioneering. This morning he started by sharing on Jesus’ example of thankfulness in Matthew 14:13-21 … Continued

By Wm
on Mar 9, 2015


Transformation of Life Through DTS

“Let me provide some background information on myself. I’ll start by saying I am not someone who has enjoyed school. Allow me to clarify. I … Continued

By karazimmerle
on Feb 13, 2015


A Story of Transformation – Kolkata Juvenile Detention Centre

Megacities has now been running in Kolkata, India for over 9 months, and during this time teams have been involved in many different projects all … Continued

By Jo Smith
on Feb 4, 2015


Teaching Children about Evangelism

Story written by Alissah Mudie, Children at Risk School outreach 2014 – Although we teach children about evangelism, I have to admit sometimes as adults we … Continued

By hayleyl
on Feb 2, 2015


Extending the Love and Compassion of God, No Matter What the Cost

This story was written by Lisa Ross, a former student of the Children at Risk School – During outreach in India, we held a pastor’s … Continued

By hayleyl
on Jan 30, 2015


God Taught Me to Submit

见证. Junho 2014年9月22日,周一 我最感恩的是上帝呼召我来到珀斯的YWAM(青年使命团)。能够来这里就是一个神迹。上帝让我参加了EFM课程。 在来这里之前我上了一个英国文化协会在韩国设立的课程,为期两个月。这个课程组织得非常好,对我也有很大帮助。刚开始我比较了EFM和这个课程,然后选择了来EFM提高英语。渐渐地,我的比较和判断变成了抱怨。我觉得自己的英语没有很大的进步,也很疑惑,所以没有感受到上课的乐趣。当然,我应当对自己的学习负责。我的态度并不端正。于是我问神为什么带领我来到EFM。 我就像出埃及记中的以色列人。他们总将旷野地与埃及相比。上帝的意念非同我的意念,他的道路也远远高过我的想象。天怎样高过地,神的道路也怎样高过我的道路,他的意念高过我的意念。(以赛亚书55:8) 上帝向我显明了我的自我中心和悖逆。他教会我如何顺服并服从领导。这不是一个简单的过程。他让我明白,来EFM不仅仅为学习英语,更是为了生命的塑造,使我能够更好地作为同工在YWAM基地服侍。神让我了解到YWAM从1960年罗伦·肯宁翰的创办至今的历史,并教我如何活出天国文化以及圣经教导的基要价值。 我的英语进步很大,虽然我并没有达到所期望的目标,仍然需要翻译的帮助。但是感谢主,他是我的盼望。上帝通过使徒行传18章9节对我说:“不要怕,只管讲,不要闭口。有我与你同在。” 我要继续努力学习英语。  

By Daniel Colin
on Jan 28, 2015


Stories from MAP DTS 2014

I was thinking a little bit how we can use Media in the ways that can glorify God, but then also spark the passion to … Continued

By Tirza Hartono
on Jan 28, 2015


Bring Reconciliation In Obedience To His Voice

Story by Breanne Carter, MAPS DTS 2013 At the beginning of our time in Coolgardie, we all asked God to give us a word for … Continued

By Nicola Wilkinson
on Jan 27, 2015