Full of Hope, Faithfully Serve

At YWAM Perth, we have a ministry that is engaging with the South Sudanese community living here in the city, as well as internationally. This … Continued

By Tirza Hartono
on Sep 28, 2018


Missions – Why Not Take the Plunge?

All around the world, there is the same basic instinct for survival. As I travel around the world, I am realising more and more, that … Continued

By Mary-Ann Flegg
on Jul 6, 2017


Can Families be in Missions?

(By Caroline, School of Frontier Missions student 2016)   It was my first day of entering the YWAM Perth base and all of a sudden … Continued

By YWAM Perth Editor
on Jan 26, 2017


The Story Behind One Image

It’s easy for me to forget the importance of photographs. I have literally thousands of digital images but I’m so thankful that God encouraged me … Continued

By Leanne Riley
on Nov 18, 2016


Old King David on Outreach

Sunny days were few and far between in the dead of winter in the far eastern country where we spent our first seven weeks of … Continued

By Meghan Dineen
on Jul 26, 2016


What does Frontier Missions really mean?

What do you think when you hear the words ‘frontier missions’? For me, it was standing in a dusty, dry dessert land with a very … Continued

By tessanoble
on Mar 10, 2016


Healing through the Power of Compassion

I was astounded by the inhumanity and injustice of this world. Knots formed in my stomach and an overwhelming sense of anguish and disgust settled … Continued

By suzannamiller
on Mar 4, 2016


Art Paves the Way through Closed Country

A short time ago, I had the opportunity to travel to a closed country in Asia and witness incredible advances in the hearts and minds … Continued

By Meghan Dineen
on Sep 23, 2015


Looking back at Equip2Go

This year, the School of Frontier Media (SFM) enjoyed soaking in the wealth of knowledge that speakers have brought to us from all over the … Continued

By Ben M
on Aug 19, 2015


Nepal – Simple Burn Care Changes a Life

Its our third day holding clinics in the hot sun under the branches of two large trees in a Nepali village. We must have seen … Continued

By Hannah Keith
on Jul 29, 2015


How We Started Homes of Hope

I was asked to take a trip from YWAM Perth all the way over to YWAM San Diego/Baja… Let’s back up a bit first. I’ll … Continued

By Aaron Little
on Jul 20, 2015


Life on Outreach

Story written by previous Sports DTS student, Raynu T. – “Outreach in Mozambique and India was an epic adventure with God! Seeing God move as we … Continued

By Jason Webb
on Jul 13, 2015