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Family & Relationships

5 Benefits of Single-Parenting in Missions

Being a single parent, no matter the reasons, can be both rewarding and challenging. In my experience in missions so far, there are not many … Continued

By Mary-Ann Flegg
on Aug 28, 2017

Family & Relationships

The Heart for Missions Starts at Home

‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation’, states the great commission given by Jesus before He was taken up into … Continued

By xintongleung
on Feb 16, 2017

Family & Relationships

Creativity Fostered by a Healthy Community

Creativity is often a misrepresented and misunderstood word. Read on to explore what it means to be creative and the connection between creativity and community. What is … Continued

By Daniel Lim
on May 17, 2016

Family & Relationships

Methamphetamines are Affecting Aboriginal Youth

On television, you may have noticed the growing number of commercials addressing the use of Methamphetamines (crystal meth, ice, speed, etc). In the news, you … Continued

By Heather Kuhl
on Mar 10, 2016

Family & Relationships

Shirley Brownhill: Relationships

Shirley shares about the sincerity of our relationships, whether or not we love others in a genuine way. Shirley describes in practical ways what it … Continued

By Daniel Colin
on Dec 3, 2015

Family & Relationships

How We Started Homes of Hope

I was asked to take a trip from YWAM Perth all the way over to YWAM San Diego/Baja… Let’s back up a bit first. I’ll … Continued

By Aaron Little
on Jul 20, 2015

Family & Relationships

Socially Constructed Me

Recently I have been pondering one of the most deep and intimate questions we can ask, who am I? There is the idea that we … Continued

By Christel Knight
on Dec 19, 2013